Make Big Profits From Running Your Own Fitness Contests

Profit Big From Running Your Own Fitness Transformation Contests

In this post I’m gonna show you how you can boost client results, retention and referrals as well as profiting nicely from running fitness contests and challenges in your training business, this blog post should save you a lot of frustration and wasted time…

By now you probably know that the long awaited release of the ‘Fitness Contests and Challenges Program’ is just a few days  away…

So be on the lookout between now and then for some downright awesome free in-depth launch videos that will help you get your fitness transformation contests up, running and profiting FAST

… For example, take this blog post you’re reading right now, this thing is jam packed this thing with lots of great tips and strategies for you, as well as some free tools and resources you can use to make things a lot easier for you when you go to run your contests and challenges for your clients…

And as you’re about to discover, if you’re NOT running them, you’ll definitely wanna get started right away for about 132 good reasons… seriously, when done correctly, fitness contests can be a HUGE business builder for you as well as a giant motivator and results-getter for your clients

Just check out what running these kinds of fitness contests has done for this trainer… he sent me this cool video from Thailand recently…

Ok, so recently I’ve been ruthlessly interrogating over 40 of the top fitness training business owners from all over the world on the current top ways they are getting new business

And 3 of the top 7 ways kept coming up over and over again… they are…

Training Session At Steve Kreb’s Gym in One Of The Poorest Cities in The United States to Start a Business

- Coming in 1st place is strategically getting referrals in a pro-active way, not only from your current clients
but also from the local community, by doing things like running fitness contests that encourage members of the local community to get involved

- 4th place is running a series of well planned contests and challenges... and this one actually benefits your training business in MANY WAYS, which I’ll get to in just one minute

- And recently jumping into 5th place from 7th place, is getting clients from your current Facebook friends (NOT FACEBOOK ADS), by doin’ things like running fitness contests based on points that integrate social media activity… this one is gaining popularity very fast because of how powerful it is

… As you can see above, properly running fitness contests and challenges in your business pops up in the 1st, 4th AND 5th positions when it comes to ways trainers get new clients…

… Meaning it’s in THREE or The Top 5 Ways to grow your business… Dominating almost half the list!

When done correctly, that is able to skyrocket the success of your fitness business almost overnight…

And it DOESN’T fill your business with a bunch of bottom-feeding “deal takers” like Deal of The Day Sites do

It pulls in tons of new clients… brings in referrals in bulk numbers… helps motivate the clients and get them results…
makes the workouts fun… AND it can add new and consistent additional revenue streams to your business …

- Basic Transformation Contests

- Couples Challenges ( GREAT for referrals)

- Viral Fitness Point Contests where people get points for making their workouts, training hard, doin’ their cardio and eating good etc. … but ALSO giving them points for things like Facebook ( and even blog) posting, commenting, liking, sharing, and tagging stuff based on you and your training program or business …

… OR you CAN do it without the fitness stuff, and just do the FB stuff by itself, but fusing both the fitness points and social media points together is a great way to get more clients, it’s a super fun one and it also helps them reach their goals

- Charity Boot Camps BASED ON YOUR CLIENTS CHARITIES like my good friend and long time mentoring client and KBL member Luka Hocevar does ..

In 2009 Luka Made $67,000… one year later…

In 2010 Luka made $117,000 .. and then just one short year later..

In 2011 Luka made $330,000… about five times what he made just two short years earlier

These charity camps can go extremely viral… all people need to do is bring in a little bit of money for the charity or some canned goods or whatever you decide they should donate… and it’s on.. Saturdays are great days to hold these…

Luka sometimes goes all out and a DJ and the whole shebang

By doin’ lots of cool out of the box stuff Luka has built a tribe of clients in his local community leveraging things getting his clients results, delivering intense workouts and making it all fun with a real community feel to it

Training at Luka Hocevar’s Vigor Ground Gym

In fact here’s a link to an audio where Luka breaks down EXACTLY what he does using two organic and viral business building strategies that I guarantee is gonna blow your mind wide open and introduce you to up to new and exciting ways to build your training business. ( You can download the audio or listen to right here on your computer.)

Luka’s partner Steve Krebs, not partner in a gay way, NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT, but partners in The Pack Fitness Business, also does EXTREMELY WELL with contests and challenges

Steve runs challenges that send an average of one person per day straight into his programs …the dude makes multiple 6-Figures a year, even though he is statistically in one of the worst cities in the country to have a business in… But that doesn’t matter, because this stuff is so powerful it will work pretty much anywhere

- Referral Contests – Give away something cool to the winner like a $400 or $500 flat screen or an ipad – you’ll probably notice I’m a mac freak … I have a mac book, a mac book pro, ipad, itouch, itouch mini, iphone and Apple TV … once you go mac you’ll never go back… true dat … and Mac stuff makes
for great gifts

Standing around time at Alicia Stregar’s Boot Camp

- 21 Day Belly Blast Contest  like The Boot Camp Girls Alicia and Carrie do…

The reason they started this contest was to explode growth in their boot camp numbers, while STILL being able to over-deliver to their clients and maintain a great relationship with each and every one of them.

Their camps are dialed in on client retention, so creating a true “experience” is REALLY important

They hardly EVER run our camp at a discounted price… but sometimes you can use a good sale to get your undecided prospects off the couch and into your boot camp.

Check out EXACTLY how they got 28 NEW Clients in 24 Hours:

First, they did their best to follow Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Rules (these are just a few of his MANY) when they emailed out their list:

  1. Have an irresistible offer (KNOW your client and what they want)
  2. Have compelling sales copy and talk about the BENEFITS rather than the features.
  3. Create URGENCY and give them a reason to respond right NOW
  4. Give them CLEAR instructions on how to respond.
  5. ALWAYS follow-up.
  6. Track and measure everything.

Training at Alicia Stregar’s Bootcamp

The Special:

Alicia Stregar ( one half of the boot camp girls) ran a 24-hour promotion for her Boot Camp Girls “21-Day Belly Blast Transformation System” for $77 for 21 days on 7/26/11 (normally $159 for 3 weeks).

It included 21-days of done-for-you meal plans (including a 3-day detox), unlimited workouts, before & after measurements, daily motivational and accountability emails (and a few other things…check the emails below for all of the details.)

Alicia called it a “SECRET SALE” and launched it to her newsletter lists and on Facebook (once the sale was over she removed all of those posts).


On 7/21/11: She sent an email out with powerful content and also had this sentence in it:

“We are about to launch an AWESOME program called our 21-Day Belly Blast Transformation in just a few days! Stay tuned for our 24 Hour SALE!!”

On 7/23/11: Alicia sent another email out with great content and plugged the upcoming sale:

“Also, don’t forget to check your email on Wed for our 24-HOUR SECRET SALE! (there will be a limited amount of spaces available, and they will be taken on a first come-first serve basis!)”

***Notice that those emails also had solid content in them…you don’t always want to be selling, you want to create value and prove that you are an authority on fitness.

Training at Alicia Stregar’s Spartan Challenge

On 7/25/11: She sent out this email: Click HERE to see the 21-Day Email #1

On 7/26/11: She  sent this email at 5 am: Email #2 HERE and then this email at 5 pm: Email #3 HERE

That’s it!… And from it Alicia got 28 NEW boot campers signed up for this promotion in less than 24 hours.

Who couldn’t use an extra 2K in their pocket?

Plus- there was practically NO WORK on her part. The 21-day program was already done for her, she just filtered the 21-day participants into her already running boot camp classes!

Now- these 28 newbies are not full “members” YET, but she got over 75% of them to stay on with her camp.

Please feel free to swipe the content on the email and put your own twist on it.

If you don’t have a program set up like this in your boot camp, you should definitely consider adding one.

And BTW, here’s EXACT 21-Day program Alicia used in my boot camp here: Click here for 21-Day Boot Camp Belly Blast

… I’m constantly getting positive feedback from trainers who are having tremendous success with this particular contest/challenge

Steve Krebs and Luka Hocevar, two dudes living the Pack Life ala the great film The Hangover… a huge part of the success of these two fitness entrepreneurs are the contests, challenges, fun and intensity they offer in their training businesses

There are literally infinite possibilities to running your own contests or challenges or promos, I recommend that you either be creative or borrow from someone else

Alicia’s or Luka’s are a great place to start, the key is having a calendar of regularly scheduled contests and promotions

Lately I’ve been working my butt off with Australian personal trainer and training business owner Adam McKenzie on a program called Fitness Contests and Challenges…

In each of Adam’s last three contests he had over 100 people…

… and that’s in EACH CONTEST… with two of those contests having over 155 people, and over 100 of those people being BRAND NEW LEADS…

… And with a lead-to-client conversion rate between 50% and 80% in each of the contests, as well as each contest
bringing in between $5000.00 to $7,000.00 in additional income, PLUS an additional $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 from each contest coming just from contest registrations alone…

These contests have been one of Adam’s biggest generators of new revenue and clients, allowing him to have one of the
most successful training businesses around, and a lifestyle most trainers don’t even know is possible

In fact, Adam is able travel the world on a regular basis… just in the past few years I’ve connected with him 3 or 4 times in Southern California, when he’s traveled from Australia on vacation, and just recently Adam spent a month in Thailand doin’ some Muay Thai fighting for fun, all the while his training business was pumping money into bank account…

… Talk about living the dream life

And running these types of contests and challenges in his business has been a paramount part of his success and one of the key factors that allow him to enjoy the freedom he has today

And keep an eye out for cool stuff about running fitness contests and challenges coming your way, including two done-for-you email templates that helped Adam generate $15,000 in just 3 days and how you can do the same

On August 21st Adam and myself will be opening the doors on the long awaited Fitness Contests and Challenges Program

You won’t wanna miss it…

The Fitness Contests and Challenges Program breaks down multiple contests that you can use in your business to not only help you get a ton of people into shape, but also make big profits in the process… the ultimate Win/Win for you and your clients

The program includes contests from some of the training industry’s biggest and most successful names and is loaded with lots of done for you materials you can use to make running the contests quick and easy to set up and run

For now though, just kick back and enjoy all the free stuff I’ll be sending you way… there’s a ton of great stuff you can put to work for you in your business right away… enjoy

Until August 21st the free videos will be goin’ up on the following page, and then the program will be open on this same page, it’s all right here: Fitness Contests and Challenges

Talk soon (=

Chris McCombs

P.S I’d love to hear your comments below






  1. Great post, Chris! I’m gonna add this to my other e-mail campaigns ASAP! Thanks again!

  2. What did the boot camp girls charge their current paying clients for the 21 day challenge?

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