Social Ricochet Client-Getting for Personal Trainers and Boot Camps

A Client-Getting Post for Personal Trainers, Gyms and Boot Camps

The Social Ricochet Client-Getting Method for Personal Trainers And Boot Camps… And What We Can All Learn From “Brock The Cock”


Hey there, hope you and your fitness training business are doin kick ass, taking names and getting your clients into amazing shape…

I have an exciting new method for getting new clients that you’re gonna love, plus you’re gonna discover what all training businesses can learn from Brock The Cock

The strategy I’m gonna share with you is one I call “The Social Ricochet Method” and it involves combining multiple tactics that are proven to work all into a beast of a client-getting funnel


- Massive Scale Referral Marketing
- The Power Social Media
- The Law of Social Proof
- A Low Barrier of Entry
- Apples to Oranges Comparison
- Scarcity
- And an Irresistible Offer

It’s straight up bad ass… and it continually feeds itself in one ol’ big loop

Ok, so you start with a low barrier of entry offer to get people in…

- 21 Days for 21 Dollars
- 28 Days for 28 Dollars

Something under $30 for under 30 Days…

21 Days for 21 Dollars works great for this and has a nice little ring to it, marketers in many circles have been using that structure for years.

For this strategy it’s the one I’d choose

So instead of trying to get people in for $97 a month or $200 per month or $400 per month or whatever it is you charge for your group workouts, you have an easily palatable and digestible hook and simple first step to get clients in the door.… and it’s better than free because ‘free’ has no value… and with “free’ you’re quality of leads and conversion rates often fall through the floor, as does people’s perception of the value of your programs

Free is fine for Human Billboard clients, but as a funnel-hook for paying clients it ain’t optimal

OK… so after pulling people in with your low barrier of entry offer from your various marketing funnels… like referrals, daily deal sites, Google Organic and Google Places, public speaking, local media, print ads, flyer drops, lead boxes, direct mail and so on… whatever lead gen funnels you have out there in the community ( And you do have lots of lead gen funnels out there right?)

… You start with an assessment….

Get their measurements, weight, “before” picture and all the normal stuff but also make sure you find out how much fat they need lose and how much money they spend each month on junk food, fast food/going out to eat, Starbucks, booze and tobacco

Then, explain how long it’s gonna take them to reach their fitness goals ( example: if they have 45 pounds to lose at an average of a pound a week that’s 45 weeks, whatever it is it’s a lot more than 21 days)

And explain to them how most people who only work out for three or four weeks end up quitting their new fitness program without creating any new lasting habits or getting any kind of long term results and how working out is like brushing your teeth…

….and “You wouldn’t brush your teeth for only three weeks would you?”…

Then you’ll make a sort of apples to oranges comparison and say something like this but in your own words…

“Ok, well you said your spending $______ ( let’s say $500) $500 a month on Starbucks and McDonalds and Heineken and Ben and Jerry’s… all stuff that RUINS your health… now I have a program, it’s called my Referrals Rewards Program and it’s only $______ ( let’s say $97) $97 a month to invest in YOURSELF… to help you lose fat, tone-up, look good and be happier and healthier… a small fraction of what you’re spending to harm yourself each month… ) …

… Now normally my training program is $147/mo., but with my Referral Rewards Program, which usually drops the rate from $147/mo to $127/mo… today only, since it’s your first time, you qualify to get it for just $97 a month… provided you commit today to your new healthy lifestyle today… I’ll commit to you but only if you’re willing to commit to me… and all you need to do are these three things to get the Referral Rewards Discount…

1.) Bring in one referral a month

2.) Check in on Facebook every time you come in

3.) And before you leave, use your phone to go on Facebook and comment about how awesome or hard or ______ your workout was

It’s a one year program and comes with my Fit Forever Guarantee, meaning if after at anytime after the 12 months you stop training with me, if ever get out of shape, come back and in and I’ll get you in shape for free”

Now, keep in mind, very few people will EVER come back and ask to get back in shape for free, in most training businesses NO ONE DOES…. and if one or two do big whooppeee, cuz you train groups and don’t waste your time with a lot of that one on one stuff… and the guarantee definitely helps boost conversions into your 12 month program

And guess what? …

…All the referrals are funneled right into your low-barrier of entry offer (21 Days for $21) and put through the same conversion funnel

Let’s say you train groups and have 50 clients, there’s NO WAY you’re not gonna get a ton of referrals from this method

50 people checking in on Facebook at every workout, then commenting about the workout on their facebook wall before leaving the gym… and then doin’ their best to bring someone each month?

It’s a killer

Now, one way to add onto this is combine it with part 2 of the one-two social media punch….

MASSIVE Facebook pic tagging… but not the way most trainers do it… which is pretty boring

Every group workout of every day you should be taking pics/videos here and there with your phone of people training super hard, or doing unconventional exercises, or laughing, smiling and having a great time… then post those things on Facebook, ideally with a funny or out-of-the-box comment when you can think of one, and tag everyone in the photo… this will show on many of your client’s walls, and interested friends will comment and/or message you or your client… personal profiles work much better than business pages for this BTW in my experience

Boring pics don’t help much, keep things fun and/or intense/unconventional …

My good bud 6’3″ 300lb MMA Fighter, Personal Trainer  and Gym Owner Will Robertson is GREAT at keeping things fun… that’s why he gets so many referrals… he’s always making his clients laugh and smile between sets and before and after the workouts

One example is his training partner Brock the Cock … now I don’t recommend you hire a training partner who’s a cock like Brock is, but it works in Will’s business, because Will is like the nicest, most loveable big bad ass dude you’ll ever meet, and it works PERFECT with his 24/7 sense of humor… funniest dude I know

Brock lurks, creeps, chills, hangs and kicks back all around the gym, popping up in people’s workouts all the time… often ending up in photos being blasted all over their Facebook Walls… and Will often get’s pics of females kissing Brock… in fact many of Will’s female clients workout in their “I Kissed Brock The Cock” t-shirts… true story

Am I saying to go do this in your own gym? Absolutely not… but it works for Will

The point I’m trying to make is that there are all kinds of out-of-the-box things you can do to make your workouts an experience… maybe it’s the exercises you choose, or the intensity of how hard people train in your gym… or your sense of humor… or ????

Capture that stuff EVERYDAY on your phone, load it up to Facebook and tag everyone in it… this tactic works best …

A) the more clients you have
B) the more of them who are on Facebook
C) and the more Facebook friends they have

For example, if you train one-on-one elderly clients in their homes, then this strategy isn’t for you, in fact this blog probably ain’t for you

But for the majority of my long time readers…. the trainers with the large followings of mostly hard-training athletic,  fit and cool clients, this will work like a charm…

Combine all the stuff in this blog post, make it your own, go out and f*cking do it… and then hit me up and let me know about all the new clients you got from it… I can’t wait to hear about it

There are trainers that make six figures a year and get more clients from Facebook then anywhere else

And if you’d like help setting up client-getting systems in your own training business, I offer a popular mentoring program that a lot of my readers are in…

… Ad lately I’ve implemented a high level of accountability to help MAKE SURE you get results… you can learn more about it here

I’d love to hear your comments below

And if you’re in Orange County California, and you’re looking for a place to do some independent training and boot camps, my buddy Big Will’s gym Wardance Training Center in Costa Mesa Ca is where it’s at… it’s located right off the 405 and 55 where a huge portion of Orange County drives by as they commute to and from work… and there’s tons of office buildings packed with people within 5 minutes of the gym… a trainers dream location… call Tommy Wish to come check it out: 949-400-8431

And … Props goes out to Dublin Boot Camp Trainer Garrie O’Neil for his contribution in ideas and application to a few of the internal sales elements of the Social Ricochet client-getting funnel



  1. This deal is awesome but won’t I lose money if I keep everyone new that comes in at the 97$ rate? I was thinking about doing this for a month and then any new people would be at the actual camp price. Any suggestions??

  2. Very sleek strategy.
    Question? If I’m, trying to use it for my private group v.s. my bootcamp – what is a good low price cost to start at?

  3. hey bro awesome blog post and tips definately going to use this and kick ass with it cheers bro

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