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Hey there it’s Big Chris, this post is about one bad ass nutrition plan for trainers who have clients that are SERIOUS about results…

From the feedback I’ve been getting, I’m hearing it’s even more effective than Paleo and Carb Cycling ( both awesome diets IMO ) for the hard training types …

That said, it includes a lot of elements of both but apparently takes things to a whole-nother levelat least that’s what some of the most knowledgeable people I know on the subjects of nutrition and strength training are telling me

Now keep in mind, this plan is for clients who train serious-like, NOT clients who bitch and moan every time you to tell them to start busting out some squats... so if you serve the Curves audience, you might wanna skip this blog post, in fact this entire website probably isn’t for you

Seriously, if you train people who merely have a trainer for the status of it, or who are only like 65% serious about results, or who hate working out… then this nutrition plan probably ain’t for your clients, the Weight Watchers section at the local grocery store is probably a better fit for what you got goin’ on

This post and diet is for trainers who train people who are dedicated and love working out with you

The guy who put this plan together is no other than good ol’ Jason Ferruggia… on top of owning an extremely successful training business in New Jersey, where his team works with a lot of pro athletes…

Jason’s website is the most popular strength training blog on the entire internet… getting around 10,000 visitors on most days and 20,000 visitors on days he does posts

( BTW, there’s a video at the bottom of this post I’ve added for you with how Jason differentiates himself from the other 58 million fitness bloggers out there, if that kind of stuff interests you, definitely check it out )

And like it states on Jason’s website…. Jason Ferruggia has been called, “The worlds greatest strength coach,” and “the most handsome man in fitness.”… Both by his mom. .. He’s a fan of all things 90′s and trying to look tough in pictures

Jason’s website is the real deal, before we get into the diet here’s an excerpt from a blog post that got over 2000 Facebook Likes and close to 100 comments that’ll give you a good idea what he’s about… The Post is Called “The Main Ingredient

Jason tells it like it is, and he’s one man in the training world that you definitely wanna listen to

Okay, onward with the nutrition stuff…

So recently Jason sends me his new book  The Renegade Diet… and  I gotta say the thing blew my mind

Seriously, a lot of the things I thought I knew about nutrition were just flipped onto their ear and pummeled into submission …

.. Things like… Eat every 2 to 3 hours, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eat right when you wake up, don’t eat carbohydrates at night, eat a ton of protein to build muscle, and consume a lot of carbs pre and peri-workout… tossed right out the window

It has lots of the aspects of the Paleo diet, but is even MORE inspired by the Hunter/Gatherer thing with some tweaks to help with staying lean, mean ( or nice is that’s your thing) and strong.

It involves Daily Intermittent Fasting but in a way that’s geared to the hard training athlete, client or person who just loves to train their ass off and look and feel great… with building and/or maintaining muscle being a priority.. along with fat loss and optimal health… especially gut health, where a lot of our overall health starts… right in our gut

Anyone who’s into optimal health and nutrition has gotta give this diet a serious look

While many trainers might be familiar with some of this stuff, like intermittent fasting, a lot of it was like breaking news not only to me, but for a lot of hard training fitness pros I know

But even though it flies in the face of a lot of what I thought I knew and what a lot of fitness professionals practice and preach, this stuff has been tested and proven by some of the top trainers and strength coaches in the world, many involving professional athletes, powerlifters, strong men, figure competitors and hardcore cross-fitter types

Jason Teaching a Workshop at His Renegade Gym Back In Jersey

Not only is this style of eating great for getting into shape and staying in shape, losing fat and building muscle, but it’s also Uber healthy

You see, Jason’s stepfather got pancreatic cancer and that made Jason go on a mission to find the healthiest way of eating possible because he didn’t want any more of his friends to have to deal with any kind of sickness like that if they didn’t have to

Jason’s been around the game for over 2 decades and has studied and tried just about every style of eating possible and after much research, trial and application, he has come up with what seems to me to be one of the most bad ass ways of eating around not only to get and stay in awesome shape but to also be super healthy…

A lot of Jason’s blog readers, his inner circle members, and a bunch of the gym rats and professional athletes training in Jason’s Gym, follow his teachings to a T, and their results with this diet have been nothing short of amazing

Now, the diet is not a diet in any sense of the traditional meaning of the term, it’s an eating plan for life… and is pretty close to how we ate back when we lived in caves

Funny how as we evolve, we really seem to muck things up

The diet involves eating mostly animal proteins and organic plant based foods… so basically vegetables

Nothing new here, the Paleo followers got this one down and most trainers already know this… but Jason tweaks things in way with meal timing and food choices to help optimize things like health, strength , muscle mass and fat loss


Here’s some are of Jason’s nutrition tips and strategies from “50 Renegade Nutrition Rules

And here’s some from “39 Ways To Not Be Like Everyone Else

Ah…. intermittent fasting… in the Renegade Diet you typically have long 14-16 hour daily fasts that start a few hours before bed and last through a few hours after you wake up, followed by periods of under feeding where you consume mostly animal proteins and veggies, and then a period overfeeding where you get in the bulk of your carbs and more protein …

… And this is all on a daily basis … and what’s really cool is you get to eat the majority of your carbohydrates at night when you want to chill out and relax

Now Jason makes some tweaks, while staying true to the core of the diet, for people who train first thing in the morning, adding mass, extreme fat loss and so on… and gives caloric and macronutrient daily values… and you cycle your carbs based on your training

Here’s an excerpt from his post “12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat” this post has something like 3500 Facebook likes… insane…

Now, this diet is also extremely good for your digestive health and involves foods that have a lot of natural digestive enzymes, like sauerkraut and consuming hot water with fresh squeezed organic lemon before eating

A lot of the diet makes perfect sense from a hunter gatherer standpoint, the way humans were meant to eat… if you think about it… we probably weren’t meant to eat every 2-3 hours

Check out what Jason says here in a recent post from his blog titled “How Many Meals a Day Do You Need To Build Muscle?

Jason has his athletes on it to stay lean, strong and healthy… and these are athletes with millions of dollars at stake… where health, strength and the ability to preform at their best are all top priorities to them… then this would be an ideal way for trainers to help their serious clients get into shape

Now, if you train overweight, lazy miserable housewives in Middle America, this diet may or may not be your thing… but if, like a lot of readers of this blog, you train people who are SERIOUS about getting into shape… fitness freaks, athletes, brides to be, maybe the recently divorced, trauma nurses, cops, fireman, military, CEO’s, self made millionaires, alpha males, a lot of Type A people, other trainers and so on… for a lot of them… this diet would be PERFECT. ( BTW, I’ve noticed those to be some of the hardest training groups on the planet)

As you know, nutrition makes up a huge portion of a persons results, and results make up a large portion of your ability to get referrals and retain clients, which both FAR exceed other marketing and sales tactics… plus I have found trainers who get their clients results just seem to be happier and sleep better at night with a more clear conscious… go figure

So check this out… a few hours ago I asked my Facebook friends for some of their tips and experience with this style of eating, specifically The Renegade Diet, and check out all these cool comments that came in, and what these guys are doin’ to make this work for them and how it’s turning out, this is some pretty amazing stuff…

Ok, so I have a confession to make…

I Suspect I Ain’t All That Healthy… And I’m Gonna Act As a Case Study

Seriously, even though I train hard and eat probably 85% really healthy foods, I got some excess fat to lose and feel it’s time to take my health a lot more serious

Now I’m no newbie to the world of training in nutrition…

A lot of the readers of this blog are much stronger than me, and many are much leaner and healthier…

I prefer the Muscle Media 2000 Bill Phillips who sported a mullet… even though that Bill made a lot less money than EAS Bill

That said I have been around for a while… I was actually one of Bill Phillips early Muscle Media 2000 subscribers back when he mailed it out in a plastic bag and was gung-ho about promoting Met-Rx, when you could only order it through the mail and it came in two containers, a Base and a Plus, and you had to mix it like some magic potion

I’m 6 foot 6, and packing on muscle never came easy… I can squat 415 pounds x 12 to parallel ( did that last Wednesday after a lay off)… I do full range good mornings with 255 pounds for 15 reps, Romanian Deadlifts with 455 for reps, strict barbell rows with 365 pounds for 5 reps and barbell shrugs all the way up to my ears with 800 pounds for reps… you can believe I’ve paid my dues in both the gym and at the kitchen table and reading everything I could get my hands on

( You’ll probably notice a lack of pressing weights posted… there’s a reason for that … when it comes to pressing my long ass arms are a liability and not an asset … there’s plenty of 5’8″ 185lb 16 year old football players around that can out bench me any day of the week… doh!!! … those little bastards!!!)

Now I’m not Aj Roberts strong or Westside Barbell strong and never will be, but for where I come from, I’m happy with the gains I’ve made over the past two decades… which I’ve trained about 15 out of the 20 years.. had a few long lay offs

I’m a natural ectomorph who graduated high school being one of the tallest kids in the class but weighing in at only around 150 pounds soaking wet with Budweiser with a giant sack of weed in my pocket and a pretty heavy copper or steal pipe to boot… And I think a lot of my 150lbs was in my Lynyrd Skynyrd / Led Zepplin / Early Metallica rockin hair-doo

Here I am on the left and about two and half decades later on the right as an old blogging weight lifter guy… age 15 or 16 on the left at about 130lbs or so, and on the right at age 40 at 252lbs

I’ve tried all kinds of eating programs, and gone to extremes in both directions… but most of my training career I’ve carried some extra fat and ate more than I should have.

One time I got super lean following the John Berardi style of eating, good stuff, but I did too much cardio and went too low on calories, and in the end I lost a lot of hard earned muscle ( my fault not John’s)… that said, even though I took my calorie restrictions and cardio too far, John’s stuff is great and he helped me a ton and is a super cool dude… and these days John backs up a lot of what I’m discussing about through his own detailed experiments

John was the first one I learned about separating fats and carbs  from and I owe a lot of the progress I’ve made to him … shear genius

But being an extreme personality, like many things in life, I took the dieting a little too far, just like I did with the “eat everything in site” bulking diets

Below is me on the left at 359lbs eating everything in site, and I do mean EVERYTHING… including entire Chinese families…

I was doin almost strictly compound lifts, no cardio and looked like I just ate the Stay-Puff Marsh Mellow Man… I was super strong but also super unhealthy … and get this, I was only like 26 years old in that picture..

I used to break chairs just by sitting in them for a hobby and was banned from almost every buffet in town.

For years I force-fed myself and focused on the heavy compound lifts, even before I really knew what I was doin’ in the gym… blowing out multiple hernias, having all sorts of shoulder problems and gaining a ton of fat, along with muscle, in the process….

One positive thing it did do is put one helluva good strength and mass base on me, but also made it super easy to gain fat and hard to keep it off and it wasn’t the worlds healthiest thing to do either… in my 20′ and 30′ health wasn’t much of a concern

Here I am at age 26 on the left tipping the scales at 359 pounds, and age 32 on the right somewhere between 216 and 225 pounds… from Sumo Wrestler to Basketball Player

Too fat on the left, even though I was lifting religiously… too skinny for my preference on the right… however I did have a lot of homosexual men hitting on me when I had this look… too bad that’s not my thing… or I’d of been knee deep in… well… you know…

Now, up until the writing of this blog post, the thing that’s worked better than anything else for me has been carb cycling with the guidance of Shelby Starnes

Shelby Starnes, the MASTER of Carb Cycling and The Dude Who Helped Me Drop 75 Pounds in 5 Months While Maintaining My Strength in Most of My Major Lifts

He had me on like 1-2 high carb days per week, 3-4 low days and 2-3 medium days

On low days I did about 100 grams carbs, 200 or so on medium days and 600 on high days.. he started me on 2 high days a week and gradually worked down to one, and increased my cardio by 5 min here and there

GREAT DIET… I love Carb Cycling… and Shelby is the man when it comes to dialing you in

Fast forward to today….

After taking some time off of serious training and any sort of conscious nutritional plan, I just started training hard again about two months ago after getting out of the hospital and having some overall health related issues.

You know the old saying, something good always comes from something that we think is bad, especially if you look for it

For the first time in my life, health, not just being big and strong, or being ripped, but HEALTH … is a concern of mine and an area I want to focus on

I am 41 years of age, almost 42, and have my 4th child on the way, and I wanna be around to see them grow up, graduate high school and college and get married and do all that “life” stuff.

Plus, lately I’ve had a number of friends die … and many have been WAY into working out…

And I’ve noticed that bigger dudes like me who lift heavy and carry around some extra fat most of the time don’t seem to have that great of a lifespan.

Maybe it’s the shaved heads and goatees killing us off, but I doubt it.

What’s funny is out of my ten or so closest friends, five of them are between 6’3″ and 6’8″ and all within 30 pounds of 300 pounds either way… so between 270 and 330, and only one is 63″… the rest are 6’6″ and 6’8″ …

…I call us Team Big Mother F*cker … but I gotta admit, I’m a little worried about the health of most of Team Big Mother F*cker… the majority of us ain’t 25 no more…

Now in my past I’ve done a few pretty extreme things involving a few areas I won’t get into, but let’s just say I’m not willing to go to those measures today to get into shape, and I feel they are a deterrent to optimal health and happiness

So here I am right now, a few weeks away from turning 42 at 6’6″ 315lbs… I’d be much better off at about 265… My abs show pretty good in the low/mid 260′s… and it’s a semi-easy weight to maintain, it’s not like it’s some crazy 6% body fat thing

So with health as a concern, I’ve been asking around… fasts, flushes, detoxes, you name it… and some people’s who knowledge and physiques I respect have reached out to me… most pointing to The Renegade Diet… and these are the dudes I know who know the most about nutrition especially in relation to health and strength training have all been saying the same thing…

“You gotta do the Renegade Diet… it’s BY FAR the best nutrition program around” … they’re all seem to be saying

My friend a Ms. America Fitness Kardena Pauza of Easy Veggies Meals Success is Gonna Start Me Off On a Cleanse… I Hope It Doesn’t Involve Anything Goin’ Up My Butt… I’m Kinda Weird About That Stuff

Now, to start with, I’m actually gonna do a cleanse before The Renegade Diet

This week my friend Kardena Pauza of Easy Veggie Meal Plans Success, along with her husband Mark are gonna help me start with a 3 – 5 Day Cleanse/Detox…

Nothing too extreme since it’s my first one and my current average meal starts with me beating on the slabs of beef hanging in my garage like Rocky, and then chainsawing off a few pounds and downing it, bones and all… hey bones are great sources of fiber aren’t they?

No animal sources of protein during the cleanse… just raw foods and a bunch of greens, betonite clay, psllyium, cascara segrada, trace minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes

I just met with them and think I may be the most difficult client they’ve ever worked with... we butted heads a bit on the coffee thing… I drink like 12 cups a day, well three huge ones, but each one is 4 cups… and when I tried to tell them sushi was a raw food and I heard is great on a cleanse, they weren’t having it

After that I’m gonna ease in The Renegade Diet … probably won’t go balls out on day one, but work my way in over the course of a week or two

I’m optimistic as the results I’m seeing in my trainer friends who are on it along with the results their clients are getting, that’s for sure

Before hearing about The Renegade Diet, I was gonna jump right back into carb cycling which works like CRAZY for me, but after everything I’ve heard from my friends like Luka Hocevar, Travis Jones and the Tribal Training Referral Bad Ass Corey Beasley… all dudes who know their shit and who’s opinions I trust… ranting and raving to me about The Renegade Diet, and since I know Jason and respect his wisdom on training nutrition then just about anyone else on this planet, I figured I’ll give it a go

So, As a Case Study, I’ll Be Sure To Update You About How The Renegade Diet is Working For Me on My Quest For Better Health

Jason’s Blog is the  most popular strength training blog on the internet with 10,000 to 20,000 daily visitors

Here’s where you can learn more about The Renegade Diet

And, if you’d like to know about how a guy like Jason makes his money, in case it interests you, then here’s some info for you and a video with some great business and marketing tips for you..

Jason has the whole multiple streams of income thing down to a science, he’s one of the best I know at it

His gym… membership community, info-products, online training clients, affiliate products he promotes, supplements.. you name it…

On top of The Renegade Diet, Jason does EXTREMELY WELL with his book Muscle Gaining Secrets

Jason also does really well with affiliate marketing, .. examples of affiliate marketing are many of the links in the post, you click one and buy something, and I make a commission… but like me he only promotes stuff he completely believes in… if there’s a protein powder or supplement Jason uses and he feels is of benefit to him, he turns his followers onto it and makes a nice little cut, but I will say this, Jason is pretty damn stringent about what he’ll promote… probably one of the most stringent fitness marketers I ever seen

And he has one of the most die-hard followings around… he’s real, he’s himself, he knows his shit, his mom says he’s the most handsome man in fitness and he treats his followers right

Now, the way Jason funnels people to his products is through his EXTREMELY successful strength training blog which blog fuels his info marketing and affiliate marketing income streams and is the most popular strength training blog in the world with 10,000 to 20,000 daily visitors

One of the biggest reasons for Jason’s success is that he’s created a raving tribe of dedicated readers, and is one of the best examples of how to blog

Recently I drove up to Jason’s pad in Los Angeles… while he looks like he’s ready to kick some ass in a bar fight before rolling home on a chopper to renovated garage converted into a bachelor pad… stock full of beer, broads, pitbulls and shotguns…

... Jason actually lives in a penthouse on the top floor of a highrise overlooking the ocean in Santa Monica…  blogging, info-marketing and having a business with the right people in place and systems dialed-in, allows Jason to live in an upscale and beautiful LA hotspot, all the while his gym and training business on the East Coast and his information marketing business both work for him making money mostly on auto-pilot

He’s pretty humble about stuff, not showing off his good fortunes in any way, shape or form

Jasons blog, info-product line and gym all feed each other and support his brand as ‘The Renegade Strength Coach”

In the video below Jason explains his overall blogging as well how to be successful actually training people and not being caught up in the business stuff all day

BTW, if you’d like to learn the same blogging strategies Jason uses… WHATEVER your niche is… for a short while I’m taking on a few people in my new Blogging Fast Start Coaching Program HERE

Since making filming this video Jason’s blog has jumped from the 2nd most popular strength training blog in the world to the 1st

Enjoy the video (=


Before you go I’d love to hear your comments about any of this stuff… intermittent fasting, detoxing/cleanses, the video… you name it… your comments mean a lot and I read each and every one… and if you liked this post please click the facebook “like” button and share with someone else who may enjoy it

And if you’re interested in helping your clients get even better results than you’re already helping them get… then DEFINITELY check out the Renegade Diet HERE

Or if you’d like to get a bunch of copies for your clients, the print version of the book is available in bulk order of ten or more if you just email Jason’s support at… but if you just want one copy, go here

Click Here To Learn More About The Renegade Diet


  1. Great post Chris, I have been following the Renegade Diet for just about a month and I feel awesome. More energy during the day, fasted training sessions have been the best in a long time, and I’m putting back on some muscle that I lost when I was dieting super hard. Renegade rocks for the ladies too!

    I think you will love it, can’t wait to see your results.

  2. Hey Callie, yes it works awesome for females, please keep us posted on your continuing success, and looking forward to your new Group Training Program

    I remember that time in Vegas looking over and seeing u in the gym busting out Bulgarian Split Squats like there’s no tomorrow (=

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