Personal Training Sales

personal trainingEvery personal trainer needs personal training sales in order to stay in business. The problem that many face is that they focus too much on the hourly one-on-one sessions with clients and forget about many of the other services that can be offered as well. When you want to be a successful personal trainer, you have to look at a few different options.

Whether you charge $50 an hour or $100 an hour for a personal training session, you’re making good money. Your goal is to continue getting more personal training sales so that you can stay in business. Not everyone has this kind of money, so you have to be more creative with your offerings to appeal to the masses.

You can still make your hourly rate – and even more – when you step outside the box with your offerings. Creating a boot camp is a great way to do this. Choose a day of the week and a one hour time block to offer boot camp. Charge each person $10. This is a considerable savings for them and you can still make the same money.

If you have 10 people show up to boot camp, that’s $100. After they get used to the boot camp and start seeing the results, they may start inviting friends. It will be easy to get more personal training sales because you’re growing your business through word-of-mouth. Some of these people will want some more individual attention.

You can begin talking about your personal training sessions at boot camp where you have a captive audience. Since they are already your clients, offer them a low price to entire them to take advantage of the personal training sessions. Even if you give them a 10 percent discount, you’re not hurting your earning potential and you’re giving them a value.

Personal fitness training sales don’t have to be one-on-one consultations, though. The sooner you get out of that mind-set, the sooner you can become more successful. If you’re making the same money doing a consultation versus a boot camp, what does it matter? You’re making your clients happy by providing something they can afford. And if you convert even a small percentage of those people into full training clients, you’ve done your part.

Some people will never go for traditional personal training because they are more group-oriented people. They want to workout with their friends, laugh and have a good time. If it feels too much like work, they’re not interested. Personal training sales can focus on these groups, too.

Think about offering some different group training sessions. Create a woman’s group, a man’s group, a 20-something group, a 30-something group and much more. People will have a chance to meet others that are like-minded and wanting to get into shape. You can limit the group sizes to 4, 6 or even 8 so that people know they have to sign up early.

Personal training sales have to be creative in some areas. You may not be in a very high-end community. The idea of spending $100 an hour for a personal trainer is outside of most people’s capabilities. However, you can still get the sales you need by thinking of other services and packages. As you offer new things for people to take advantage of, they will talk about you more and more – helping you get more clients.

Personal training is affordable – you just have to prove that to your target demographic. Once they see that you know what you’re talking about, they will be more likely to spend the money with you.

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