Video Reveals How To Get a Gang o’ New Clients With Transformation Contests

Check out this Fitness Transformation Contests Video… Adam McKenzie, A.K.A ‘The Fitness Contest Genius from Down Under’…  in this video Adam reveals how he boosted his new fitness sign-ups from 50 to 160 with this ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY that you can easily apply to your own business….

You’ll discover….

- How to get super-high ‘prospect to client’ conversions that range from 50% all the way up to 90%

- One simple action that can boost new sign-ups by 320% just like it did for Adam

- How you too can get more referrals, higher quality leads and a massive amount of immediate income in your own training business

- How to structure your email series to BULLET PROOF your fitness contests and practically GUARANTEE you’ll get more people, deliver a better experience and convert even more people into your ongoing monthly programs

… Check out the video…

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Here’s what these kinds of strategically ran contests and challenges can do for you and your training business…

- Bring in lots of new clients practically overnight

- Dramatically increase your training revenues

- Motivate your clients

- Keep your clients accountable

- Get your clients better results

- Makes your training programs more fun for you AND your clients

- Dramatically improves client retention

- Bring in loads of new referrals

Plus, these kinds of contests and challenges foster a sense of culture and community among your client base… which is by far one of the most powerful things that can happen to just about any business …

In fact… “Culture and Community” is one of the biggest reasons for the massive success of CrossFit … Love em’ or hate em’ … Crossfit has some of the most diehard followers around, and because of it, they are a HUGE success with locations popping up like Starbucks on Testosterone

Simply put, running these types of contests and challenges will have a take-no-prisoners magnetic impact on the success of your training business

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