How To Grow A Personal Training Business

How To Grow A Personal Training Business By Big Chris

This blog post is your ultimate guide on How To Grow A Personal Training Business or a boot camp…

Now, if your thing is one-on-one in-home training and wiping sweat off your clients foreheads while counting to ten and saying good job… or working for someone else and relying on them to get you clients, this post probably isn’t for you… you can go back to bed…

But if you like taking people through challenging workouts, teaching what works, training people who love to train, helping a lot of people and making good money, then keep reading, cuz this post IS for you

Now, to start…

I beg of you, if you’re NOT focused on THIS stuff to grow your training business… immediately drop that other stuff you’re
doin’ and do THIS STUFF NOW…

OK, as a reader of mine hopefully you know there’s three big ways to make more money in your business

1. Get More Leads

2. Convert More of Those Leads Into Paying Clients

3. Maximize the Training Relationship in a Win/Win Way That Helps
You Earn More Money Per Clients… Hopefully As Much Per Client
As Possible

Pretty much everything to make more money in your training business falls under one of those three ways


That’s what you do to grow your training business

It ain’t no big magical mystery here

This is simple stuff, the key is to put one foot in front of the other and do it

So let’s dig into each of these three ways to grow your personal training business, group training biz or boot camp

1. Get More Leads …

Right Now … as of the writing of this email… the top ways that work for financially successful trainers to get more leads are… in no particular order…

- Strategically getting referrals from your client base as well as getting referrals from the local community… but not just winging it…


OK, sorry for the all caps thing, but I can’t impress upon you enough how iimportant this is

Wingers won’t cut it, strategy is the key

- Facebook Viral Stuff …

AHHHH… FACEBOOK.. there are so many fun ways to get clients from Facebook

Stuff like daily pictures and video taking of fun and or crazy challenging workout sessions with your group training clients…

And running transformation contests and challenges with points for not only things like pounds of fat lost, but liking, commenting, tagging, sharing, posting on Facebook

The bigger your client base the better this works

If you do in-home private sessions and have 8 clients it won’t help grow your training business much

If you do groups and have 30, 60 or 100 clients, it’s a KILLER and can constantly pump new leads into your funnel

The Facebook stuff is getting more and more popular… just remember to KEEP IT FUN

- Daily Deal Sites…. *when done strategically* … OTHERWISE THEY BITE THE BIG ONE

Now, it’s no wonder a lot trainers hate these sites, and they have definitely helped boot camps to become a low value commodity in many peoples eyes, but some trainers kill it with these sites… in fact quite a few do…

But when done wrong, they can be a nightmare and turn your training business into a wasteland of bottom-feeding bootcamp-jumping “deal takers”

Errrrr…. don’t you just hate those?

AND the power of these sites is definitely diminishing…

While a few years ago it wasn’t uncommon to see a trainer get over 1000 Deal Takers in a single Promotion, today numbers like 50 or 100 are much more common

The next one on the list is one that works MUCH BETTER…

- Running a Series of Fitness Transformation Contests and Challenges …

And unlike Daily Deal Sites… Fitness Transformation Contests fill your business with motivated HIGH QUALITY LEADS

Learn How To Run Your Own Contests and Challenges HERE

- Google Organic and Google Places are still goodies … Adwords can be hit or miss and a pain in the a** to manage yourself

But the Local Google Stuff and the Organic SEO Rankings can still bring in a ton of leads

- Getting in the Local Media as a Featured Fitness Expert …

Getting on a popular local television news show is by far the best, but magazines and newspapers and local online news sites are good too … One of the best things about this strategy is that it doesn’t cost a thing

- List Building and Email Marketing – The bigger the list, the higher quality leads, the better your relationship with them,
and the better your offers, the better you’ll do

- Doin public speaking gigs like lunch and learns and corporate talks and then strategically converting members of the audience into either clients OR trials

- And a few misc ways that can be kind of hit or miss are flyer drops, direct mail, print ads, trade shows and using lead gen boxes…

But like I said, results are mixed with these… often times it comes down to the way it’s done, just like the rest of the list

Ok… the next part of the BIG 3 ways to build your training business is…

2. Convert More of Those Leads Into Paying Clients

This comes down to having a dialed in sales funnel and continuing to improve the way you do it…

Constantly testing and tweaking to improve conversion rates

Don’t let your fear of what people think of you cause you rely purely on trying to close people via email… BIG MISTAKE

Belly to belly is best

I’ve had best results using a qualifying semi-takeaway consultative sales script that begins on the phone and continues
throughout the first workout…

Qualifying them in a way that feels more like I’m trying to talk them OUT of training with me, instead of trying to talk them

That works best for more high-end stuff, like semi-private groups

For boot camps and mid to lower range prices here’s a strategy that works great… plus if you do it the way I’ve outlined here not only will it help you convert more leads into paying clients, but you’ll also get a ton of referrals… hot diggity for sure

Let’s say you wanna get $97 / month… first raise your rates to $147/mo… just bear with me, you’ll understand in about
10 seconds…

Ok, pull them in with something like a ’21 Day for 21 Dollar’ Low Barrier of Entry Offer or a Fitness transformation Contests with an affordable entry fee…

Let’s use 21 Days for $21 as an example….

… Start with an assessment…

Get their measurements, weight, “before” picture and all the normal stuff

But ALSO make sure you find out how much fat they need lose and how much money they spend each month on junk food, fast food/going out to eat, Starbucks, alcohol, Cocaine, Oxycontin and tobacco….

Then, explain how long it’s gonna take them to reach their fitness goals

Example… if they have 45 pounds to lose at an average of a pound a week that’s 45 weeks, whatever it is it’s a lot more than 21 days

And explain to them how most people who only work out for three or four weeks end up quitting their new fitness program without creating any new lasting habits or getting any kind of long term results and how working out is like brushing your teeth…

… And “You wouldn’t brush your teeth for only three weeks would you?” … that is unless your from somewhere Lubbock, Texas or something…

Next make an apples to oranges comparison and say something like this but in your own words…

“Ok, well you said your spending $______ ( let’s say $500) $500 a month on Starbucks and McDonalds, Ben and Jerry’s, Jägermeister, Weed and Oxycontin…

All stuff that RUINS your health…

Now I have a program, it’s called my Referrals Rewards Program and it’s only $______ ( let’s say $97) $97 a month to invest in YOURSELF… to help you lose fat, tone-up, look good and be happier and healthier…

A small fraction of what you’re spending to harm yourself each month…

… Now normally my training program is $147/mo., but with my Referral Rewards Program, which usually drops the rate from $147/mo to $127/mo… today only, since it’s your first time, you qualify to get it for just $97 a montnt… provided you commit today to your new healthy lifestyle today… I’ll commit to you but only if you’re willing to commit to me…

And all you need to do are these three things to get the Referral Rewards Discount…

A.) Bring in one referral a month

B.) Check in on Facebook every time you come in

C.) And before you leave, use your phone to go on Facebook and
comment about how awesome or hard or ______ your workout was

It’s a one year program and comes with my Fit Forever Guarantee, meaning if after at anytime after the 12 months you stop training with me, if ever get out of shape, come back and in and I’ll get you in shape for free”

That’s an example a conversions script that is PROVEN to convert a high amount of Leads to Paying Clients

And, keep in mind, with the Fit for Life Guarantee very few people will EVER come back and ask to get back in shape for free, in most training businesses NO ONE DOES…

And if one or two do big whooppeee, cuz if you train groups and don’t waste your time with a lot of that one on one stuff who cares if you have an extra person or two?

The guarantee definitely helps boost conversions into your 12 month program

And guess what? …

…All the referrals are funneled right into your low-barrier of entry offer (21 Days for $21) and put through the same conversion funnel

The key is, use a system that’s PROVEN to work and continue to test, tweak and improve

Ok, now for the third part of the equation…

3. Maximize the Training Relationship in a Win/Win Way That Helps You Earn More Money Per Clients… Hopefully As Much Per Client As Possible

Examples are…

… Retaining them longer so you can help them more… you can do this by using EFT, having long term agreements, running contests and challenges that keep things fun and help them get results and focusing on getting them to change their eating habits so they’re happy with the results you’re helping them get

- Partnering with a good and healthy meal delivery service

- Promoting good auto-ship supplements that can help them get better results and fill in nutritional holes

- Offering group talk sessions .. like a mandatory or voluntary group talk session done in a class-type environment to
help them reach their goals… like Carrie Kukuda’s Gap Sessions, where she helps those clients fill in the gaps and charges a reasonable monthly fee

- Offering semi-private training to boot camp clients or the other way around

- Offering other valuable upsells and ascensions to your clients

You can learn more about here about: How To Maximize Your Profits Per Personal Training Client

Now, out of all these three ways… getting leads, converting them into paying clients, and maximizing the value exchange so you can make as much per clients as possible…

Guess which one you NEED to have in place, or the others are useless

That’s right… LEADS

Not focusing is on getting lots of new leads is a GIANT MISTAKE if you wanna grow your training business… trainers who don’t know how to get leads usually end up relying on someone else to get them for them, like some big box gym they end up employed for

It’s the one that NEEDS to be in place… without it conversions and maximizing your profits per client is UTTERLY USELESS

Because let’s say for example, if your conversions to paying clients is 100% but you have zero leads to convert, you get zero clients, because 100% of nothing is nothing

So where do you start…

Well, one way that is gonna help you get a TON more leads right away is to start running a series of well planned out Fitness Transformation Contests and Challenges


Why not?

Because there is a proven way to do it…

A way that fill your business with new leads AND clients practically overnight

It’s all laid out for you in the brand new Done-For-You Fitness Contests and Challenges Program which you can see here:

See This Incredible Lead and Client Getting Program Here

In fact, these contests are so powerful, just watch this video discover how Adam McKenzie uses Transformation Contests to open new locations that turn a profit from the VERY FIRST DAY… something almost unheard of until now

The Fitness Contests and Challenges Program breaks down multiple contests that you can use in your business to not only help you get a ton of people into shape, but also make big profits in the process… the ultimate Win/Win for you and your clients

The program includes contests from some of the training industry’s biggest and most successful names and is loaded with lots of done for you materials you can use to make running the contests quick and easy to set up and run

If you wanna grow your training business, get it today:

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Talk Soon,

Big Chris

P.S I’d love to hear your comments below on this post about how to grow your personal training business, or boot camp

P.P.S. Special thanks to Smitty of for the Fear is a Liar pic

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  1. I couldn’t agree with facebook as being viral! It’s amazing how it helps my personal training business level up! And yes email marketing too! Growing a personal training business or any business over the internet is one of the most inexpensive ways to fulfill your goals with your business.

    I love your post and got a few tips from it! Thanks!

  2. The most essential quality that cannot be over-emphasised when it comes to the personal training business is professionalism. Professionalism encompasses a wide range of qualities that include a thorough and deep knowledge of your craft, great interpersonal skills and the ability to get your worth – neither under-pricing nor over pricing yourself. It also includes knowing how to manage and promote your business by setting time bound goals and making systematic plans to help you achieve them.Unfortunately many aspiring fitness professionals do not measure up to the basic standards required of a personal trainer and hence fall well short of client expectations, thus not quite succeeding in their ambition of having a flourishing career in personal training. Here are some shortcomings to watch out for, which if left unattended to would most certainly ruin your personal training business.

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