Ruthless ( And Cool ) Self-Promotion For Fitness Pros

Ok, I have a question for a you… ( AND a free gift ) …

Your answer will have a PROFOUND impact on your future as a personal trainer…

As a fitness professional … what is it you do?

Ok… so you probably train people…

AND… that most likely involves things like….

Educating… Encouraging…motivating… acting as sort of a therapist… spotting people if and when needed…

Good, you got that stuff down pat…

…Now, here’s something that most trainers give very little attention to… and 95% of the ones that do are horrible at, but if you learn it, and do it… your training business can literally explode…

… Yes, I said explode, as in going boom and getting shrapnel and ghost-buster-esque slime all over the place…

You should be doing this every chance you get…

Promoting the living shit outta your business

Do you promote yourself like that?

No… I didn’t say just a little

I mean…

Do you promote the living shit out of your business making it like one big honking client generating magnetic?

Are you making it SUPER EASY for people to find YOUR business over your competitors and sign up for long term fitness training programs with YOU?

Ok, if you are… GOOD, I have some killer tactics here to promote the living shit outta your business

And if you don’t, well that sucks, but the good news is you’re reading this blog post, and I have some killer tactics here to promote the living shit outta your business

Wow, I just said “promote the living shit outta your business” like 4 times… make it 5…

In today’s world of a million marketing messages a minute, you gotta be RUTHLESS

But you also gotta be COOL

So ruthless and cool….

Now… here’s a plain and simple truth when it comes to ruthless ( and cool) self-promotion

Trainers who have big email lists can pull in new business pretty much anytime they send an email… that’s no joke, if you have a big enough list of the the right people… you can pull in new business EVERY TIME YOU PUSH SEND

So, to make this happen, we need to cover…

1. How to build a big email list

2. What to send them … I’m gonna actually include a small email marketing campaign that is PROVEN to work, and you can just copy and paste it…

Sound good?

Ok, so we’ve determined that email marketing for personal trainers is something you DEFINITELY wanna get good at…

The higher quality email leads and the better your relationship with them, the more clients you can get from your mailings

It all comes down to…

- The quality of the leads

- The size of your list

- The quality of your relationship with them

- How often you mail

- How good your email copy is.. including subject lines, body copy and calls to action

Ok, so where do you get the email leads?


Here’s some of the different sources in which people can be brought into your email marketing funnel…

- They see one of those pay-per-click ads, like on Facebook or Google or Bing, or a they see a banner ad.. promising the free thing that will do __________ for them… they then click the ad and land on a squeeze page of another page that is meant to capture the email… a page where the entire purpose of the page is to get them to trade their email address for your free thing that you promised


- They receive a direct mail piece like a post card from you… or a door hanger… or see an article of yours in a local print mag… or maybe they see an ad of yours in that local print mag

Or perhaps they see you on a local news broadcast, and you drive them from a offline source to an online one like to a squeeze page where you present them with your ethical bribe


- They land on your sales website or blog and see an opt-in box with your offer / ethical bribe… often this is in the top right corner or right there in the top header.

You want to put it in a place that’s easy to draw their attention to


- They land on your blog or sales page, and slide-under or a hover-ad/pop-up appears on top of your site offering your ethical bribe

Those things can be annoying, but they WORK

I like this one from the awesome blog of Julien Smith

And check out what happens when you try to click it off…

Not sure if he ever rolled it out, if he did, I’m curious to know how it pulled

It’s ruthless that’s for sure

I’m sure a lot of people visiting his site wouldn’t feel it was cool though… personally I find it hilarious

Ok, you can also get email leads when…

- They go to exit your sales website or blog and a quick exit splash is presented to them, offering them your ethical bribe before they leave your site


You have an affiliate or joint venture partner mail their list to a squeeze page… and that page plants a cookie so if the person buys your affiliate or joint venture partner makes a commission

Ok… so what do you use as an ethical bribe?

WELL…. A few good ethical bribes are…

- A free report on quick fat loss tricks that take 3 min a day

- A consumer white paper on 7 Things They MUST Know Before Hiring a Fitness Trainer

- 2 Weeks Free Boot Camp

- 21 Days of Boot Camp for $21… And these kinds of offers rock because not only do you get a lead, but you get a trial client coming in… even better

- A free video series showing them 5 simple Ab Exercises they can do in 5 minutes twice a week

Typically, your copy for your ethical bribe on your squeeze pages, hover ad/pop-up or opt-in box will have a benefit rich headline… with possibly 1-5 benefit rich bullets, telling them to just leave their email to get it…

… And a statement telling them you’ll also be sending them updates or a newsletter or free stuff on a regular basis…

Plus a place for them to put their email, some sort of big bright submit button and a small disclaimer promising you won’t spam them

That’s what you do to build your list…

You drive quality traffic to a place where you make them your ethical bribe, offering something they want in-exchange for their email address

Ok, so what’s next?


Once you have your email list, you want to…

1. Build a relationship by sending them quality content… this is called Relationship Marketing ( The cool part)

2. Make them offers ( The ruthless part)

Wikipedia defines relationship marketing as this…

Relationship marketing was first defined as a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing campaigns which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on sales transactions

As a practice, relationship marketing differs from other forms of marketing in that it recognizes the long term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages

So you use email to build the relationship…

But you also gotta earn a living right?

That’s where the offers come in…

BTW… Adam’s offer in the video below is a perfect example of the kind of offers you wanna make to your email list

And what’s great about email marketing is that over time you’re able to make your list ALL KINDS OF DIFFERENT OFFERS… because different people respond to different offers

Now, one of the most powerful offers you can make your list is for Transformation Contests…. these can be heavy hitters in the world of offers if you do it right…

Fitness transformation contests can be SUPER-POWERFUL because almost nothing compares to a transformation contest when it comes to filling your training business with lots of new high quality leads and clients and doin’ it FAST

They can literally FLOOD your business with new clients… and not cheap daily deal boot camp hoppers


There’s almost nothing like them when it comes to building a training business fast…

So below me and Adam McKenzie are gonna GIVE YOU some email offers you can just copy and paste

These emails can help you make a KILLING

THIS is the type of kick ass self-promotion I was referring to above

Just check out what running these types of well-planned fitness transformation contests and challenges can do for you and your boot camps or personal training business…

- Pull in tons of new clients practically overnight

- Add new levels of accountability to your programs

- Get your clients even better results then they’re currently getting

- Make your programs more fun for not only your clients, but also for you (=

- Skyrocket your retention rates

- Bring in a gang of brand new high quality referrals

- Shoot your training revenues through the roof

- Up your clients motivation factor BIG TIME

And…. Fitness contests create an exciting sense of tribal culture and community among your client base… this is without a doubt one of the most powerful things that can happen to just about any business …

There’s no question, running these types of contests and challenges can have a MASSIVE impact on the success of your training business

Get new leads, new clients, have more fun, get your clients better results and pull in a ton of upfront as well on-going continuity income

Ok, so email marketing, making offers, transformation contests… lets tie it all together with this video and free gift from Adam McKenzie… he’s hooking you up with it as a gift for the launch of the brand new done-for-your Fitness Contests and Challenges Program… which can be seen here

Part of that whole Relationship Marketing deal…

Adam is giving you two email templates as a GIFT that allowed him to take off for an entire month to vacation in Thailand while his training business grew WITHOUT HIM EVEN BEING THERE

These Two Done-For-You Email Templates Helped One Trainer Generate $15,000 in Just 3 Days

Just watch this short video where Adam breaks down exactly how to plug these two powerhouse emails into your own training business, putting them to work FOR YOU, just like they work for Adam… you can download the email swipe templates right under the video

Click Here To Download Your Email Swipe File

I hope you enjoyed the video, be sure to download your email swipe files using that link right there under the video

Since Adam was cool enough to do the work for you, and it’s already proven to work…

AND… if you wanna use something else to promote your business in a ruthless and cool way that’s ALSO proven to work, you’ll DEFINITELY wanna pick up the ultimate done-for-you resource for running your own fitness transformation contests and challenges,  just click here to see it

Like I said, it’s ruthless, cool… and proven to work… so it’s something you’ll definitely wanna grab:

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  1. Awesome stuff Chris!

    Sending people great content through email is definitely key, you can’t just email them when you are pitching them. I have people all the time say they’ve been on my list for a year or two and finally decided to check us out.

    Keep crankin’ out the killer posts brother!!


  2. I’m gonna print this and put it up with one of your best Chris.

    Building my email list is definately something I need to devote some time to, so I can run a major contest with Adam McKenzies product (which is fricking awesome and LOADED with content by the way!)

    Stay cool,


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