Five Ways to Create Additional Revenue Streams for Your Bootcamps

Guest Post by Georgette Pann

Hey there it’s Big Chris, I have a great blog post for you today about you can add additional revenue streams to your training business

Ya know, the other day I did a blog post about How To Maximize Your Profits Per Client… sort of a starter to kick off the launch of my upcoming Profit Maximizer Program, which’ll help you maximize how much money you make from your clients… we’re always talking about ways to get more clients, but there’s lots of ways to make more money with the clients we have and make more from all the new clients coming in

I’m creating this program because of all the complaints I hear from trainers about the economy hurting their business, big box gyms offering free boot camps, trainers programs being confused with “classes”, Daily Deals, $5 Boot Camps, trainers competing on prices, trainers not making enough per client and the concern that everyone is going to Crossfit instead of coming to their program … these days trainers feel FORCED to charge as little as possible

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you

The launch of the recent Fitness Contests and Challenges Program is a HUGE solution to trainers wanting to differentiate their business from all the bottom-feeder watered down boot camps out there

But it’s always good to attack a problem from multiple angles… and running a series of fitness contests and challenges is just one of the biggest Godsmacks you can give to the portion of the industry that is nothing more than boring, cheap “just another” boot camp or “just another” lame personal training program… and one damn big Godsmack it is.

The Profit Maximizer Program is currently in the works to help you with other things you can do to further differentiate your business from the rest, and to help you with things like charging more per client and enjoying multiple streams of fitness income from your client base, the program will be out in the near future.

In the meantime, one person who knows a lot about maximizing the profits you make per client is my friend and Boot Camp Queen of Boot Camp Queens, Georgette Pann… she knows Boot Camps like Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake know teenage girls

Georgette is the creator of the Sure Victory Boot Camp Program for Fitness Programs and is one person who DEFINITELY enjoys multiple streams of fitness income, in fact she was one of the Top 5 affiliates in my most recent launch

She makes money from boot camps… her line of info-products… fitness affiliate programs… you name it… she is one bad mofo

Georgette is gonna show you 5 ways to make additional revenue streams for your boot camps or group training programs…

I’ll let Georgette take it from here….

Whether you’re just starting out as a bootcamp instructor or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always room to grow your business. That means that there’s always an opportunity to bring in new customers, sell additional products or services to existing customers, and/or increase the order amount at the time of sale.

Wondering how you can increase your revenue, too? Here are five ways…

#1: Offer Different Bootcamp Levels

The idea here is to offer a variety of bootcamps, such as:

• Beginner
• Intermediate
• Advanced

One of the big benefits for you is that you can encourage your beginner-level campers to join your intermediate class once the beginner bootcamp is over. And likewise, you can then encourage everyone who finished your intermediate bootcamp to join your advanced-level bootcamp.

In other words, you can turn a one-time client into a repeat client, simply by offering them bootcamps that progress as their own fitness level progresses.

#2: Create a Related Product

We did this when we created our Triple 8 Body Burn program… Right now what we’re doing is selling this eight-week transformation program to our existing bootcampers. And it’s working really well, as a fair number of our campers are purchasing this product. However, the cool thing is that it works in the reverse too – meaning we could use the Triple 8 Body Burn program as a lead-generator and then sell bootcamp programs on the backend.

You can do the same thing – just create a guide that would be of interest to your bootcampers. This might be a transformation program like ours. It might be a guide about how to get the most out of the bootcamp program. You might even sell a detailed nutritional guide.

Then you can offer it to your existing campers, you can use it as a tool to attract new campers to your bootcamp business, or you can do both. Experiment for yourself to see which method puts the most money in your pocket.

#3: Sell Affiliate Products and Services

Of course you don’t have to create your own product if you don’t want to. Instead, you can choose to be an affiliate for other people’s products and services, meaning you earn a commission every time one of your campers purchases something using your link. Here are a few ideas:

- Sell supplements, such as vitamins or whey protein.
- Sell workout clothing.
- Sell exercises equipment, such as exercise mats, jump ropes and weight sets.
- Offer a nutritional or exercise guide (like Triple 8 Body Burn, which has an affiliate program here———-

You might even work out a joint venture with another trainer in your area. Let’s say you only offer classes (like bootcamps) and your partner only offers personal training. You could refer your clients to your joint venture partner and vice versa.

So, for example, if one of your campers needs extra attention, you could refer him to one-on-one training sessions – and your joint venture partner would pay you for these referrals. And likewise, if one of your partner’s training clients wanted to join a class, your partner could refer this client to your bootcamp. You’d then pay a commission for this referral.

It’s a win-win situation.

#4: Provide “Refer a Friend” Discounts and Rewards

This is a good way to boost your “word of mouth” marketing: simply offer rewards to your existing campers when they refer their friends. For example:

• Offer “companion” discounts. The idea here is that when someone brings a friend to your bootcamp, they BOTH get discounts.

• Offer discounts to the referrer. Instead of offering discounts to both the friend and the referrer, you can offer a more substantial discount to the referrer. If the referrer brings enough friends to class, you can even let the referrer enjoy the bootcamp for free.

• Offer discounts towards future purchases. Here you offer discounts when people refer their friends, but this discounts can only be applied on future purchases. People like instant gratification, so this doesn’t tend to work as well as offering discounts on the current camp. However, it DOES encourage existing campers to re-up and take another of your classes in the future (just so they can take advantage of any earned discounts).

#5: Reward Your Loyal Customers

You know how airline loyalty programs give you “miles” and “points” every time you fly with them? You can do the same thing for your clients, meaning you award points every time your client purchases something from you, whether it’s a bootcamp or a product. When your clients reach a certain number of reward points, they can turn these points in to get free attendance in a bootcamp or even get products for free.

In summary…

It takes a lot of work to get a new client. However, one of the easiest sales you’ll ever make is to sell additional products or services to your existing clients. And that’s why you should use the five tips above to increase your revenue streams.

Of course these five ideas are just the tip of the revenue iceberg. To learn more about starting and running your own successful bootcamp, check out the Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit

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