GREAT (but Strange) Place to Get Personal Training Referrals

Hey there… recently I was at Corey Beasley’s gym and saw something pretty weird. Corey’s the Tribal Training Guy, and he get’s TONS of referrals from the local community

We we’re doin some GPP stuff, ya know battle ropes, sled dragging, sand bag hauling, all that stuff that’s good for health, farm boy strength and overall general fitness levels

Well, I go to the bathroom to see a man about a mule, and while I’m doing my thing, right there above the john straight in front of my face is a sheet that conditions his clients for referral sign-ups

Pretty much everyone who goes to the gym ends up using the restroom and sees these things, you can’t miss them

Referrals, from your clients as well as the community, still ranks as the #1 way financially successful fitness professionals get new clients and build their business

Here’s a copy of the referral conditioning sheet you can swipe ideas from for you own gym…

And below is a client survey sheet that you can download to improve your service, connect with your clients and get referrals, it’s cool stuff, so be sure to download it right under this sheet… Enjoy!

Download This Client Survey Sheet With Ways To Improve Your Biz AND Get More Referrals

And if you want to get a TON more referrals from you clients as well as the community, then check out the Tribal Training Program

This method is the number one method available anywhere for …

- Networking

- Getting word of mouth referrals

And it’s ONE of the best for…

- Differentiating yourself from every other training
business out there

- Creating a magnetic training or coaching business that
markets itself

Plus it can help you define deep niches to serve, or you can stay mainstream and just do normal fitness training
with Average Joe and Soccer Mom Sally

This trumps every other method of getting clients I’ve ever seen

Check Out The Best Client-Getting Method I’ve Seen HERE

I’m all for using the internet to get clients

But today far too many trainers try and hide behind a keyboard to get clients when if they would just use the right ways of networking and referral generation they could use the internet to enhance their marketing efforts, but they wouldn’t need to rely on it

Cuz at the end of the day, nothing beats networking and referrals, especially when you do it like this:

Click Here For The Best Client-Getting Method I’ve Seen

Click Here To Get More Referrals From Your Clients AND The Community


  1. Haha, great!

    When I was the PT manager at a big box gym, I’d post flyers at eye level on the toilet stall doors promoting our PT programs. Worked like a charm!

  2. Good strategy. Love the writing style too.

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