Flipping It On It’s Ear

Life throws curve balls and flying monkeys at us sometimes… little gifts wrapped up as accidents, failures, set-backs, blunders… you name it

Sometimes they’re HUGE… sometimes they’re tiny… and often times they’re right in the middle… but whatever end of the spectrum they fall on, the fact is, THEY ARE

What is IS … and that’s the deal… the question is: how do we look at it?

What does it mean to us?

Example… so the other day I fractured a bone in my foot, it’s a pretty nasty break to the point of needing surgery and a pin put in it…

Being one who enjoys lifting heavy, I’ve had MANY injuries over the years… rotator cuff tears… bicep tendon tears… multiple hernias…

I’ve even smashed the tip of my member with dumbbells doing heavy “cheat” side lateral raises … luckily it was just a surface injury, I must have looked pretty funny on the locker room floor with blood all over my shorts holding my crotch crying for mommy … that one damn near brought me to tears

So here I am, 42 years old and hitting the iron like I do 3-4 days per week, and I was thinking, “wow, it’s been nice, I haven’t had any injuries in awhile… 42 and no injuries… this is awesome!”

Then, like, 20 minutes later… I do this:

My first thought was..”Damn… this is gonna screw up my training” …

But by the end of day I was looking for the upside… the gift hidden like a pearl in my oyster of a blunder

There’s a positive in everything, like I’ll show you a bunch of examples of in one second

AND… it’s not what happens to us that’s important, but the meaning we give it… and we get to be in charge of the “meanings” !!!

This isn’t news to you, you KNOW THIS… but the key is living it…

I don’t know what the BIG positives to come out of this yet are, but here’s a list I busted out of some of the little ones already… this is cool stuff…

- Since I’m on crutches, I don’t have to take out the garbage

- People are super nice to me, not scared of me like most of the time… they’re opening doors for me, starting conversations with me, asking me what I did to my foot… it’s awesome!

- If I get in a fight I can use my crutches like swords

- It makes for some awesome Facebook posts

- I get to make up all kinds of crazy stories about how I broke it …. Shake-Weight Accident… Broke it beating up some cowboys … broke it beating up three big fat angry hairy bikers… “You shoulda seen these guys!!!”…  or… “You should see the other guy” …. is always a goodie…. or “Maybe next time she’ll remember to do the dishes”…

And my favorite is what Tim Peach told me to tell people I did…

- The foot I injured is on my stronger leg… Now I can really focus on bringing the weak one up to par

- I finally get to use those cute little machines I’ve been seeing in the gyms.. ya know the ones that people read the paper on and talk on their cellphones on and text their friends on and play angry birds on

- I walk with the crutches not up by my armpits, but only by my mid tris, giving my triceps and pecs a helluva workout everywhere I go… one of my buddies did this and said his bench press shot up

- More time to focus work and catch up on my reading

- Not having one of my feet working has sure made me grateful that I have two legs and two feet

- I got this cool blog post topic out of it

- Has me focused on looking for positive

- I get lots of sympathy from my GF Veronica

- I get to focus on muscle tension like my friends who are body builders are always preaching, instead of just moving big weight

- I’m already big, 6’6″ 315 pounds… but these crutches make me seem even bigger… I’m like 7 feet wide now when I walk in a room!

- Gives trainers an opportunity to be of service… I asked them for training ideas on my Facebook wall and you guys came to my aid in droves…  along time ago Buddhist monks used to go door to door asking for food, giving other people the opportunity to be of service… same kind of deal (=

I’d love to hear your comments below

Talk soon,

Big Chris

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