The ‘Take No Shit’ Approach To Personal Training

Sick of only being able to make $25, $50 or $75 a session with one on one training?

Sick of trying to cater to people looking for $5 boot camps?

This blog post is about a few things you can do to set up your my business with what I call the “Take No Shit” Approach to training…

… Revealing little known strategies from my own training business that helped me pull in big profits

All done in a way where you’re able to combine the best of both Personal Training AND Boot Camps, and drop the “shit”

You’re able to pay attention to things like form, posture, progression and close relationships with your clients… like in private personal training… getting your clients kick ass results and getting high retention rates for you

And you combine it with the camaraderie energy, time efficiency and multi-hundred dollar per-hour income of running big boot camps

And you simply leave the rest

I mean, let’s face it…

… There’s just not a lot of money in one-on-one personal training…

Most one-on-one trainers net about $15 an hour… with many of the independent ones making only $25 to $65 an hour… unless your training Jay Z of course, but there’s not a lot of trainers who are able to serve the $450 per hour niche, cuz that niche just ain’t that big

So most trainers pretty just get by…

And I’m talking about GOOD trainers, who know what the hell they’re doin’

Now, don’t get me wrong, some do OK financially

… But even those ones typically work from 5 in the morning until 9 in the evening and THEY STILL LIVE MONTH TO MONTH

Their day is often scattered all over the place, with a few training hours often followed by chunks of empty time… before
they have another couple clients… followed by a break, well you get the picture…

It’s simply one of the most inefficient gigs around.

And run-of-the-mill, watered-down, one-size-fits-all $5 big-ass class-style boot camps aren’t the way to go either…

Now, don’t get me wrong, nothing against the whole boot camp business model… I know trainers who are extremely successful at it and deliver quality results for their clients… a win/win for everyone involved

HOWEVER… those trainers are the rare exception and definitely not the rule…

But even the trainers who are doin’ the massive boot camp thing right are irked these days at what’s been goin’ on in the market lately

You see, for every one of the boot camps that deliver both top-notch-results for the clients, and good money for the trainers, there’s 20 crappy boot camps out there, many of them probably just right down the street from you…

… Where it’s basically just a over-sized workout “class”, and all the trainer does is take the clients through the motions, with little thought for things like form, progression and results

More the of the turn em’ and burn em’ model

And what do most boot camps typically compete on? … on one thing… price…

…Charging as little possible and then just packing a ton of clients into the same workout.

Daily deal sites have boot camp instructors fighting for nickels and dimes

And many big gyms are even GIVING away boot camps for free…

… Driving their value straight into the ground.

And what all this doing, is dragging public perception of them so low in people’s eyes, that they hold about as much value as a Zumba class down at the local senior center

In fact, the majority of boot camps right now are seen as the Walmart of the fitness training industry… nothing wrong with that, if you’re ok with attracting Walmart-type clients, who are shopping on price alone and looking to spend as little as possible …

Again, I want to clarify, I’m talking about MOST boot camps, not all… I do know a few people doing it right

In fact, having some bigger boot camp style programs is a wise thing, but I wouldn’t do it the way 95% of trainers do… unless I wanted to compete for a bunch of pain-in-the-rear broke clients…

I would make a few smart tweaks…

For one, I wouldn’t call it a “boot camp”, but I would have some boot camp marketing online, with qualifiers, to drive quality boot camp traffic into my programs, even though I’d call it something else, something with a little higher perceived values… just some of the marketing would say “boot camp” … even though MOST of it wouldn’t

Something that works well if you do big boot camps is hiring trainers to come in and help you once your boot camps get to a certain size, so say you have 30 or 40 people in a boot camp, you may have one or two trainers helping you out to keep everyone’s form spot-on-the-money

Also, having levels or groups where beginners must start to learn form and get their skill level up to par can help a lot too

So what’s the best model?

Now, the best training model out there, the one that combines the best of both boot camps and private personal training, where you take the good and drop the shit, hence the “Take No Shit” Approach is small group personal training… also known as semi-private personal training…

For some trainers switching entirely over to Group Personal Training is the best approach, for others it’s simply offering it as an add-on to your current programs… a HIGHLY profitable add-on that is

With this style of training, you’re able to…

- Earn hundreds of dollars per hour … Because training 4, 6 or 8 people per hour, you make WAY MORE money for your time than with the tired old model of “one trainer-one client”

- Work part time hours while making six-figures a year … With the type of group training structure I’m talking about it’s easy to make six-figures per year working only three or four days a week

- Have a lot more fun … We all know how boring one-on-one sessions can get… especially if you have a bummer client for the hour… it can be a total drag…

But with group training your workouts are almost always fun, exciting and fast paced… so you NEVER have boring workouts …

- Get tons more referrals .. Because you have so many more clients and your workouts are so much more fun, with a few simple techniques you can get new referred clients on an almost daily basis..

- Help more people in less time … With group personal training, because you combine the individual attention and progression of personal training with the high energy of boot camps, you’re able to get A LOT more people into shape than with other forms of training…

- Get your clients into just at least as good of shape you can get them into in a one-on-one environment … Let’s face it, your clients don’t need to be babysat the entire workout…

They need to be TRAINED… and if you’re good at what you… which I trust you are… you can give 4, 6 or 8 people just as good of workout as you can give one

- FAR LESS HEADACHES than with your typical boot camps … Small groups are much more easy to manage than huge bootcamps …

Making a lot less stressful on yourself

- Better results than with other training models … With small group personal training, you get all the camaraderie, competitiveness and high energy of a boot camp while still being able to keep everyone’s form spot on the money perfect and make sure they progress in each exercise like with private personal training…

Combining the best of a both worlds for the ideal training experience for you AND your client

- High lifetime value per client .. With group personal training you have a much better average retention rate than with boring one-on-one training, because the workouts are far more exciting and you’re able to charge prices that your average client can afford for a long period of time, often for years

Here’s How I Set Up My Groups…

For some trainers that might be groups of three, others might be handle around 8… I found 6 was my sweet spot…

And I was booked solid… 6 every hour of the week I was willing to train

I trained three days per week, 9 hours a day… 5 hours in the morning and 4 hours at night

6am-11am and 4pm-8pm

Groups of 6 people per hour

Once I got over 6 I hired a trainer to help with the overflow… some of my busier hours I’d have 10 people scheduled and paid another trainer $20 per hour to help me out

Here are my rates…

  • $59 per workout per person for EFT month to month agreements
  • $49 per workout per person for 4 month EFT agreements
  • And $39 per workout for 12 month EFT agreements

5% people of took the month to month, about 50% took the year, and 45% took the 4 month agreements

The agreements are open-ended, meaning the client continues after the length of the agreement until they say cancel my payments

The average client value “Per Workout” was $45 per person per workout for an hourly average $270 per hour

With an average lifetime value per client in the thousands

The way the monthly rate is figured is if someone did 2 days a week they were billed for 8.666 workouts
per month up front each month on EFT

And if they chose the 3 days per week program, they’re billed for 13 workouts per month

Getting these numbers right is critical, otherwise you’re leaving good money on the table ( like 6% or 7% or something of your income, just left on the table )

Here’s the formula for the #’s:

# of workouts per week, multiplied by 52 weeks in a year, divided by 12 months.. then multiply by the cost per workout

OR… you can also figure it like this:

# of workouts per week, multiplied by cost per workout, multiplied by 52 weeks in a year, divide by 12 months

The #’s workout the same

And I never called it classes or a boot camp, it was simply “personal training”… just done in a semi-private environment… but I ALWAYS called it “personal training”

People will only have a problem with it if YOU have a problem with it

If you know you can give people challenging and fun workouts in small groups and get them great results, people WILL NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT

If you don’t believe you can get 4 or 6 people per hour in as good of shape as you can get one, and people need to be hand-held for the hour, it will show

People pay for results, not an hour of your individual attention… no matter how amazing, good looking and cool you are

My rates are about the same or within 20% of what one-on-one trainers in my area charge

Anyone who requested private training had to pay $125 per workout and would only be trained before
or after the groups…

5am, 11am, 3pm or 8pm… that’s it, I don’t come in off hours and won’t put private in the middle of my $270 per hour blocks of booked solid semi-private sessions, that would be just like throwing good money away to cater to one clients needs, while NOT meeting the needs of a lot more people

Over 99% of people are happy with the groups, and knowing that it’s $125 for private, and that only I do those during the set hours before or after the group pt sessions, only further positions me as the “go-to-trainer”

You get what you pay for, and people know it

Clients who hop from one daily deal to another and are looking for Walmart training… $5 per workout, are generally a PAIN IN THE ASS and not my target market

I was surrounded by trainers much prettier than me who were charging $25-$30 for ONE ON ONE SESSIONS


If you just love hanging out with people “one on one” all day and making about one fifth the money you could easily be making, then my all means do it

But with the model of small group personal training I’m talking about you can easily earn $200 to $300 per HOUR

AND have one helluva fun time doing it

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How To Make $200 to $300 With Small Group Personal Training

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