Who Are The Most Influential Personal Trainers of All Time?

Can I get your opinion real quick?

I’m doing a blog post on the 100 Most Influential Personal Trainers of All-Time, kind of like my recent 65 Most Influential Strength Coaches of All Time Post

However, this time I’d like to give my blog readers like yourself a chance to vote on the names of who should go on the list

So, if you could just take a quick moment and list off any names, as many or as few as you’d like, that you feel should go into the upcoming blog post, down in the comment section below

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Alright, so let me know down below, who are the most influential personal trainers of all time, just put your votes below, list as many as you want:


  1. My vote goes to Charles Poliquin. A wealth of knowledge.

  2. Eric Cressey, tony gentilcore, mike boyle, dan john, nate green, jim smith, matt kroc, John Romaniello, chad waterbury, geez I could go on forever.

  3. Joe Weider, Jack Lalanne, Bill Phillips, Tony Horton just to name a few

  4. Charles Glass

  5. Chad Waterbury

  6. Jason Ferruggia and Richard Simmons, two dudes with very similar training styles

  7. Big Chris, I remember you saying several times that your goal at one point was to be “the white Stephen Holt” ;-) [ACE Personal Trainer of the Year and 3-time finalist for NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year - just sayin']

  8. Tony Horton, Shaun T (INSANITY), Jack LaLanne, Jillian Michaels, Jason Ferruggia

  9. Dave Honig

  10. Stephen Holt: Ha Ha Ha… awesome, I wish man

    Stephen, you definitely need to be on the list

  11. Alwyn Cosgrove

  12. Gunnar Peterson, Todd Durkin, and my favorite Tony Little

  13. Bob Greene… I know nothing about his training style, but he’s friggin’ Oprah’s Trainer

  14. Valerie Waters
    Shawn Phillips
    Jake Stienfeld

  15. Paul Chek, Dax Moy, Phil Kaplan, Juan Carlos Santana, Alwyn Cosgrove, Charles Poliquin, Donald Chu, Rommell Corpuz (my mentor and biggest influence), Gary Gray…I’m sure there’s many more but those were the main ones that come to mind :)

  16. I admit, I’m not looking at “All Time,” just “My Time.”

    When I look at my current program design, I have to give credit to
    - Alwyn Cosgrove
    - JC Santana
    - Geoff Neupert
    - Chad Waterbury, and
    - my former co-worker in our big box days, Nick Tumminello.

    I also give credit to
    - Mark Cibrario
    - Mark Stone
    - Douglas Brooks
    - Michael K. Jones, and
    - Gregory Florez – the first fitness presenters who inspired me to do it too.

  17. Top man in the UK without doubt The Bootcamp King Paul Mort – a great maverick and a great go-giver who gives help and advice freely to those in need. Plus he’s quite funny ;)

  18. Valerie Waters, Rachal Cosgrove

  19. Georgette@fitnessbootcamp says:

    Phil Kaplan ,Alwyn Cosgrove

  20. My votes go to Pavel Tsatsouline, Dan John, & Dr. Fred Hatfield.

  21. For me, Alwyn Cosgrove. He just always cuts through all the BS and his program design protocols works for 90% of my clients vs other great ones that have already been listed.

  22. John Parrillo.

  23. When I think of influential people in personal training, I first think of people that are most influential in fitness. After all, any of us who have gotten into this business have been influenced by these fitness pioneers in one way shape or form. So with that in mind, I have to nominate some of the obvious:

    Joe Weider (like him or not, he helped catapult the resistance training movement)
    Jack Lalanne (this is a no brainer and should be just about #1 on anyone’s list that knows their history)
    Arnold NoLastNameRequired (He is the Ali of bodybuilding and brought muscle to the mainstream)

    When thinking about true pioneers of the personal training movement, here are the first names that come to mind:
    Charles Glass
    Phil Kaplan
    Alwyn Cosgrove
    Chad Waterbury
    Juan Carlos Santanna

    Strength coaches and those that are responsible for many trends that have become staples in our training that I would also have to include on the list are these big names: Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek, Pavel Tsatsouline, John Parillo and Dr. Fred Hatfield.

    Last, AND least, on my list are those that who are more trendy but have created a lot of buzz and got a lot of people moving: Tony Little, Richard Simmons, Jake Steinfeld, Tony Horton, and Bill Phillips (although, I wouldn’t normally list Bill Phillips with these other guys).

    - James Cipriani

  24. Bad Ass List James

  25. Randy Woody

  26. Hey Chris,

    Lots of great trainers already listed but definitely gotta have Brian Devlin and Scott Sonnon on the list!


  27. #1 – Clarence Bass (read up on Uniform Eating)
    #2 – John Berrardi
    #3 – Jason Ferrugia

  28. Without a doubt, VINCE GIRONDA

    Who else trained virtually all of the physique stars of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s?

    Ron Kosloff of Detroit Michigan is his protege.

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