How To Train Over 65 PT Clients Working Part Time

Some gyms just don’t get it

I once worked for a large corporate gym chain and had the worst sales numbers of the entire training team … in fact I only had ONE client

And it took me 3 weeks to get her.

Seriously, I SUCKED at getting clients

Fast forward a few short years I was able to train 67 clients, working 3 days per week, charging $39 to $59 per client…

I went from a broke trainer working at a corporate gym to a highly successful independent trainer working for myself, making more per hour than most the trainers who worked full time at that corporate gym made all week…

This blog post is about how can do it to… cuz seriously, if I was able to make the transition, a dude who did horrible in school, is only qualified to work minimum wage jobs, that and throw drunks outta bars, and had the worst sales records of a entire big ol’ corporate gym training team…. then you can DEFINITELY do it

Now, like I said, I used to work at a large corporate gym chain doin one-on-one personal training

And the tactics this place used to their clients were BRUTAL

I had a boss, the head trainer dude, or ‘Head Dick’ as I used to refer to him… you’ll see why in a minute, the dude was a real bully when it came to pushing training on people

I remember him bullying a little old lady into buying a “package” of sessions that she clearly did not want

When it time to sign the papers she had to walk to her car to get her credit card

Well ‘Head Dick’ thought she was just trying to bail out, so he made her leave her Drivers License with him while she went to her car to get her credit card, just to make SURE she came back and signed up for the package of sessions

He held the thing hostage!!!

The gym had numbers to hit, and it was the end of the month, so I understand that the GM was on his back, but that’s no excuse to push training on someone who doesn’t want it


And who wants to train a client who doesn’t wanna be trained?

But to him, it was all about the numbers

It infuriated me

I was sick of that place and quit immediately… and my poor client, she had just bought a huge package of sessions from there, I sure hope they hooked her up with someone good

One thing that became clear to me shortly after I had started working there, was that none of the trainers there were making good money

Most made less than $25K a year… A LOT LESS.… you can make that working at a gas station

And even the trainers who had a lot of clients had to work a lot of hours to make mediocre pay at best

Their day looked like this:

  • 5:30 am Train Client
  • 6:30 Wait 30 minutes until next client
  • 7:00am-9:00am Train Clients
  • 9:00am-12:00pm Go home and wait until noon client
  • 12:00pm Train noon client
  • 1:00pm Go home ( or site around gym) and wait until next client
  • 3:30pm Client
  • 4:30pm Wait until next client
  • 5:00pm-7:00pm Train clients
  • 7:00pm-7:30pm Wait until next client
  • 7:30pm Train Client
  • 8:30pm Go home and get to be early so can wake up at 4:30 to be at gym for tomorrow’s 5:30am client

Starting at like 5:30 in the morning and going until 8:30 in the evening for lousy pay

…With a few training hours followed by blocks of down time, followed by a few more training hours, followed by more down time, and on and on and on

Making an 8 hour day take like 15 hours to get through…

… And with the average trainer only making $15 an hour and only getting paid the hours actually trained..

This make for around $140 before taxes for a gig that took up their entire day

For a 15 hour day that works out to around minimum wage

So even the “busy” trainers, the ones with 8 hours worth of clients a day, hardly make a thing

Now, often times the good ones in situations like this move on and become self-employed

Their situation improves a little

However, they rarely make enough to support a family and have any kind of financial security

Even the ones who make $25, $50 or $75 for one-on-one sessions only make a fraction of what they can make if they’d
just make a few tweaks in the way they do things

What works much better is…

1. Switch over to the Group Personal Training Business Model

2. Choose morning and evening blocks of hours 3-4 days a week

Scrap any middle of the day stuff, middle of the day is for things like your own workouts, working on your business, naps, reading / studying and stuff like that

Putting in middle of the day stuff like noon sessions is highly inefficient

You can have groups of clients then, just pay someone else to train them

Here’s an example of how I made this kind of training schedule work…

I trained Mon, Wed and Thur 6-11am and 4-8pm …

The wise trainer evolves and applies the power of the mind to breakthrough the status quo

Meaning I trained 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in the morning

And 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the evening

… The hours before and after when most people go to work, and the soccer mom hours as well

And I had another trainer I paid $20 an hour to do a few hours for me Sat morning ( like 8-10 or 11)

You’d be amazed at how you can fit like 95% of people into these hours

It’s not worth taking on the other 5% to screw up your whole schedule, pay someone else to train them for you

This schedule allowed me to pull-in $200K per year

Charging $39 to $59 PER PERSON for groups of six people at at a time… people who just did month to month paid $39
per workout and those who signed to 4 month open-ended EFT agreements paid $49 per workout

And those who chose 12 month open-ended EFT agreements paid $39 per workout

It was pretty much split 50/50 between people taking the 4 month and the 12 month… averaging it out to $44-$45 per person per workout

Almost no one took the month to month, I only offered it to make the other programs look so affordable

I averages $270 per hour and a made six-figure annual income

So almost double in one hour than your average personal trainer makes all day

And using a few simple strategies, within a few months I was booked solid

Now, a lot of trainers think that their one-on-one trainers would never go for a Group PT situation

They have excuses in their heads like…

  • My clients want one-on-one training
  • They won’t like the groups because they want all my attention
  • I won’t know how to train that many people at once
  • What if they are on different levels of training?
  • I won’t be able to fill the groups
  • How do I set up the times to fit everyone’s needs?
  • I’m going to lose a lot of clients if I do this

If THIS is your target audience, power to you, but this blog post probably isn’t for you

Truth is, people pay for results, not your individual attention to baby-sit them for an hour

If you DO have clients that pay you for that, then you’re in the babysitting business and not the business of getting people into shape

The “Getting People in Shape Business” pays WAY MORE than the “Baby-Sitting Business”

So if you want more money, I’d switch businesses

If you’re day is spread out all over the place and your currently making less than you know you deserve

If you’re sick of only being able to make $15, $25, $50 or $75 a session with one on one training

Or if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and you have big boot camps but are sick of trying to cater to people looking for $5 boot camps

If you’d like to make more per hour than most trainers make all day

If you want financial security and freedom in your business

Then the Group PT model is definitely for you

If you’d like to discover everything you need to know to build a group training business, just go to this page RIGHT HERE

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