How To Make Money Personal Training – PT Profit Funnel Info-Graphic

Alright, I’m no graphic designer, but I just busted out this DIY Info-Graphic for you laying out the over-all game-plan on how to make money personal training or in your bootcamp… I’ll probably hire a graphic designer to make it tight, slick and impressive looking, but in the meantime, here’s the version I made for you and just like moms homemade chocolate chip cookies, this one is made with love

You can Download This ‘How To Make Money Personal Training PDF Here

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Thank God this stuff isn’t rocket science or we’d all be in big trouble

Luckily it’s pretty easy

It can be broken down into 3 things…

1. Get Leads

After interviewing countless six-figure trainers and a few who make seven-figures, these are currently the most effective ways to get leads, I’ve broken it down into tiers based on level of effectiveness, with tier one being the most effective moving down to tier four, where it’s a little more hit or miss

Tier One

- Referrals

   – Networking

Tier Two

   – Google

   – Running Fitness Contests

   – Facebook Social Stuff

Tier Three

   – Daily Deals

   – Email Marketing

   – Joint Ventures

   – Public Speaking

   – Local Media Appearances

Tear Four

   – Direct Mail

   – Print Ads

   – Lead Boxes

   – Pay Per Click

   – Car Wrap

- And remember, old clients who haven’t trained with you in a while are leads too, so run a regular client-reactivation campaigns ( Like quarterly or so)

What do you do with the leads?

Pull the leads into your funnel with Consultations, Free-Trials and/or Low Barrier or Entry Offers ( Like 21 Days for $21)

2. Convert Those Lead Into Paying Clients

For one-on-one and group PT I highly recommend using a consultative sales approach, instead of the pushy stuff, which sucks, or being a trainer on the opposite end of the spectrum like a lot of trainers are, which is basically being a wimp and not having a well structured sales strategy to convert leads into paying clients

And for boot camps, the script in this post works well

3. Maximize The Value Exchange

Do things that create a long term, high value relationship for you and the client

- Deliver AMAZING service

- Retention Strategies

    – Have a strategic retention plan

    – Use medium and long-term EFT Auto-Debit Agreements ( I recommend MindBody Online Click Here for a FREE Month)

   – Accountability

   – Effective workout routines and programs

- Upsells

   – Nutrition, Fat-Loss, Instructional, Specialty, Motivational and Accountability Classes

   – Nutrition Classes

   – Meal Delivery

   – Supplements

    -Affiliate Programs and Promotions

- Ascension Programs

- Life Coaching

- Boot camp add-ons for your personal training clients

- Personal training add-ons for your boot camp clients

- Super high end exclusive training services for the 5% of people who will HAPPILY pay 500% what your typical client would pay… where you go food shopping with them once in while, do refrigerator spot checks, make them text you pics of every thing they put in their bodies, and so on

   – Bundle Your Services Together ( Like for a little more money let your PT clients come to your bootcamps, or bundle your Boot Camps and Group Personal Training services together)

…. And if you do a good job delivering the results your clients and give them enough value, they’ll not only give you a lot back in terms of financial value, but also referrals ( quality leads), with starts the cycle all over again (=

Highly Recommended…

There’s a few things I HIGHLY recommend you do if you want to have a successful training business…

1. Set Clear and Specific Goals for Yourself that you have a desire burning deep inside to achieve… and don’t just have financial goals, have goals focused on helping people

2. DO NOT LET FEAR HOLD YOU BACK like soooooo many trainers do. Don’t hide behind your computer, sure you can get clients from Google, Facebook, Daily Deals and Email Marketing, but none of it even comes close to getting out there and talking to people… networking and referral marketing are SO MUCH more powerful than all the internet stuff combined

( Here’s a post that can help with the fear )

3. Use EFT Auto-Billing … I could write a 10,000 word post on why, and maybe someday I will, but lets put it this way, every single six and 7-Figure trainer I know uses it

4. Forget about one-on-one training, do Group Personal Training and maybe some boot camps, for profitability NOTHING beats group Personal Training

5. Never, ever, EVER give up

I’d love to hear your comments below



  1. I highly recommend that people not only download the PDF file, but save this page. This was very simply laid out, yet priceless.

    Thanks, Chris!

    - James Cipriani

  2. Hey chris, thx for The chart it’s awesome. What’s your opinion on daily deals? I do semi private training with 2-4 people. I did it once and it sold 49 vouchers at $49 for the month for my large group boot camp. But I just was over the boot camp hoppers and the quality of clientele so I switched to semi private. Out of that deal I converted 2 semi private clients. Any thoughts? I just don’t want to make my clients mad and get cheap people. Or is it better to stick with other marketing ideas. Thx a lot! I understand your busy. Just a brief answer would be cool. Don’t want to take up your time. Thx

  3. Holy smokes! Thanks for doing this bro, this blows away those stick figure diagrams you used to make. I’m printing this as we speak.

  4. Hey RC, yeah Daily Deals can be a pain in the ass and while for many successful trainers it’s still their #1 lead gen strategy, even more trainers can’t stand em…

    And it’s not like a few years ago where you could get 500 – 1000 leads, now it’s typically 25 – 175, but that’s still a lot of leads, however like you mentioned, low quality

    personally I’d focus on other strategies for Group Training, and keep daily deals for boot camp stuff

    What I might do if I were you is funnel all the daily deals into a boot camp that you run maybe a few days a week, then funnel the quality ones who sign up with you into the Group PT stuff

    I wouldn’t de-value your Group PT with a bunch of deal hoppers

    Whatever your choose, good luck with it RC and thanks for reaching out

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