For fitness trainers, gym owners, information marketers and fitness bloggers..

Dear Friend,

I’m completely aware that not every fitness professional will respond positively to the invitation I’m about to tell you about… and that’s GOOD… because this is NOT for most trainers…

You see… MOST fitness pros whine and complain about the current state of the economy, and secretly cower in the corner worrying about losing clients, making less money and not having anything saved for the future.

Most fitness pros CLAIM they want more time to enjoy the things that are important to them, like spending time with friends and family, but prove otherwise by wasting WAY too much time getting caught-up in the seemingly never-ending day to day minutia… trading away hours for dollars… and staying “busy” doing the things that do absolutely NOTHING to drive their business forward.

Most fitness pros SAY they want to earn more money, but prove otherwise by settling for an average income at best.

If you’re one of these trainers, then I urge you to stop reading right here and go back to doin’ the busy work and minutia in your business… like I said, this invitation isn’t for everyone.

And if you’re COMPLETELY content with your current business, no matter how good, mediocre or dismal it may be… and your TOTALLY happy with your financial situation and lifestyle, and don’t wanna fix a thing… then this message is not for you either… it’s nothing to feel “bad” about… it’s just “What Is”.

HOWEVER… If you’re dead serious about creating your dream business, one that gives you the lifestyle you REALLY want deep down inside, and the ability to make a HUGE difference in the lives of those who are most important to you… AND gives you the kind of life you can be proud of, then I urge you to pay very careful attention what I’m about to tell you as if it were the single most important thing you have ever read.

You see, if you’re NOT 100% satisfied with your current level of success, lifestyle or financial situation….

“From Losing $10K a Month To Making $20 to $25 in Profit Each Month”

Adam McKenzie

“Close to 100 Clients in 3 Months”

I have added close to 100 clients in just 3 months because I listened to Chris McCombs advice on Facebook lead generation. I have had to hire a sales team for all the calls coming in, and use this as the main source of fuel for my personal training company. All this started with just using some of his advice from the Rise Above program… Thanks a Ton Chris!”

Aaron Guyett
Owner of Innovative Results

"9 New Clients in the First Week and $39,380.00 Monthly EFT"

I wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know how awesome life has been since working with you in your mentoring program. I started working with you on September 1, 2010. We had our first coaching call on the 7th. The to do list that came out of that 1 hour call was pretty big, but I knew I had a lot to work on. You gave me a list of 17 things to take action on. The craziest thing is within a week of putting action item #1 in place, I noticed a $14,000.00 profit! That was so friggin awesome! So I spent the next month just taking massive action. The results are just too long to list in a paragraph so I am going to bullet point them:

I started out with 23 clients generating $6K on 1 September 2010

1) 9 new clients in the first week
2) own Google pages for my area
3) took on 35 human billboards
4) hired a full time assistant
5) hired 6 trainers
6) hired 8 salesmen
7) Now have 179 clients training in groups
8) Currently generating $39,380.00 monthly EFT as of November 15, 2010

I could go on and on with the details, however at the end of the day it's all about the right woo woo shit, massive action, and a bad ass end result!

Chris, it's been truly awesome working with you. Looking forward to taking it to the next level.

Thanks for everything
Will Denyko

“I’ve already gone up over $10,000.00 a month in just 4 weeks”

Travis Jones
Toronto Boot Camp Instructor and Personal Trainer
“Since joining him my business has doubled on a monthly basis”  

Manuel Laris

TC Lee

"Since Working with Chris I’ve Gone from 2 Boot Camp Locations and 29 Clients to 7 Boot Camp Locations and 167 Clients"

Before I started working with Chris I was working over 60 hours a week working my ass off grafting a living… I was totally burnt out and needed some help.

I’d never had a mentor before but having Chris there to guide me every step of the way has been priceless saving me years of time in trial and error.

Since working with Chris I’ve gone from 2 boot camp locations and 29 clients to 7 boot camp locations and 167 clients… in less than 15 months. Nearly all these clients have come directly from strategies I
learned from Chris.

I now work 1/3rd of the hours and have the freedom to enjoy doing the things I love, take regular holidays and hang out with friends… while making twice as much money. I outsource nearly all of the personal training and boot camp classes to 8 personal trainers and now have an assistant doing all the billing and admin work.

Now my website does all the hard work for me signing up 2-3 new boot camp clients everyday… it’s literally like having a 24 hour cash machine!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit

* “Now I’m Booked Solid”“Before I met Big Chris McCombs and started following his blog I was another trainer trying to get by and had no following and hardly anyone knew about me or my fitness training business. Within just a few months of using Big Chris’s strategies my business blew up.

Now I'm booked solid, I’m pulling in six-figures, have a huge following and my business is over double the size it was before I started using his tactics.”

Sako Yakinian

"Doubled my Monthly Income"“I began fitness business coaching with Chris McCombs in March of 2009. I had been reading his blogs and knew it was time for me to make a change. I was working 10-12 hours per day doing 1 on 1 training like most people. I loved the work but knew it couldn't go on like that forever. I was immediately drawn to Chris' ideas and systems. Right from the start he made it simple and easy to follow.

We began by revamping my entire website and setting up the systems to rank well in Google. This has allowed me to sit back and let the clients come right to me. Within just a few months I was ranking highly and now hold spots in the top 3 for my keywords and cities around Boston.

Chris also got me to maximize my time by training in groups and now I see 3-6 people per hour and only work about 5 hours per day!

My schedule is so jam packed that I can completely dictate who and when I train, and allow myself freedom to enjoy my free time and work ON my business.

With Chris' help I also set all my clients up on EFT which has pretty much doubled my monthly income and made it so easy because I never have to make a sale again. Over the last year we developed systems for client retention, online marketing and closing sales. My client retention rates have been close to 100% with every client purchasing at least 6 months worth of group training.

Chris' coaching program has literally changed my life and has given me the confidence, mindset, systems and tools, and the motivation to double my income again next year!”

Callie Durbrow
CSCS*D, USAW Sports Performance Coach

“$21,047.63 and it’s only been 3 weeks”“Chris, because of you I have written $21,137.63 in training and it’s only been 3 weeks since I started your coaching. I haven't even done any mailers or even launched my website yet! This is all from referrals you showed me how to get. In 3 weeks your coaching has already paid for itself seven time over”

Omar Morales
Orlando Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor

"A Total Increase in income of $12900… Not Bad for 12 weeks…" Chris,

I am pleased to say that this also took our Bootcamp numbers of referrals from 19 for our last 12 week program to 48 for this 12 weeks

A total increase in income of $12900 not bad for 12 weeks!!!!

I believe marketing your fitness business online is super important as it can really become a great way to generate a steady income whilst giving you more time to focus on other things in the business( or relax if you like).


Scott Williams

CEO, Managing Director Succeed Personal Development

* “I Now Bring in Over 35K Each Month and Work Less Than When I Only Made 5k Per Month”

Thanks Chris!
Dustin Maher


* “We No Longer Have to Work at a Gym And Our Online Business Runs Itself” ‘Hey Chris!  Just wanted to tell you that Karena and I from appreciate everything you have helped us with!  After your phone coaching we became super motivated and made things happen.  When we applied your strategies to our business,  we were able to  really build our brand. In the past year things have exploded for us. We no longer have to work at a gym, we now put all of our energy into our brand while our online business runs itself.  We receive phone calls every week from people asking for trainers by googling ‘personal trainer’… which is so cool!  We also launched our diet plan and our workout dvd is about to come out.  I just wanted to reach out and say thank you ;)  I will keep you updated on our projects!


Katrina Hodgson
Personal Trainer, Model, Blogger and Fitness Info-Marketer

Then this invitation is for YOU.

Now, first off… I wanna let you know that it’s all OK, it’s not your fault.

You probably haven’t had anyone from the trenches, who walked the walk and created an extremely successful low-hassle six-figure fitness training business that runs on auto-pilot, show you exactly how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be, just like they did.

If you had a mentor like this, all you’d have to do was follow the exact steps they laid out for you, take their lead and you could create a similar business in even less time than they did… because you’d get the added benefit of learning from their experience which mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

A mentor who’s done what YOU wanna do can save you YEARS of mistakes and frustrations and put you on the fast track to success.

But here’s the thing, only a VERY small percent of the fitness industry has been down the road of building a successful six-figure training business that’s completely automated and only requires part-time hours to run… IF any hours at all… so there’s not really that many good mentors out there… sure, there’s a few, but not many.

You see, the average fitness professional makes less than 30K a year, and all the certification organizations teach you to do is to give people safe, effective and functional workouts.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, but it does NOTHING to help you when it comes to building a REAL business that puts money into your bank account, day in and day out, on a consistent and predictable basis.

Most trainers just watch what all the OTHER trainers are doin’ around them, and then do the same things… but the problem is, when you do what the majority is doin’, and they’re doin’ it all wrong, you’re pretty much screwed.

You’re literally GUARANTEED to make the same business killing mistakes that they are… when there’s no reason to…

By following someone who’s walked the path, you can actually take the shortest distance between two points, completely avoiding the zig and zags that they had to take.

Through years of dialing in my own business, as well the businesses of fitness trainers from all over the world, I’ve created a simple and proven formula for taking ANY fitness training business to the multiple six-figure level.

And it works every single time it’s used.

But I have to warn you…

Your training needs to good… DAMN GOOD.

Cuz if you’re training sucks, then go get that in order first … the last thing I wanna do is help a bunch of lousy or mediocre trainers get a ton of new business and then have their new clients end up with major injuries and minimal results…. cuz that ain’t good for anybody.

But if you’re training is good, you believe in what you do 100% and are passionate about helping people get into shape… then my simple and proven formula will absolutely work in your business… just like it’s worked in the businesses of countless NOW successful fitness professional and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

You can take your business to the multiple six-figure level in the time it takes many fitness pros just to get theirs to the $30K mark.

While the typical trainer is spending their days doin’ all the wrong things, I’m gonna help you do the RIGHT things.

We're Gonna Systematize Everything So It's All As Automated as Possible, Allowing You To Own a Freedom Business, and Not One That Imprisons You and Has You Running Around Like A Stressed-Out Maniac All The Damn Time

Together we'll systematize, automate and scale your training business so it runs WITHOUT you ... while your business continues to grow and you continue to make more and more money – We'll grow your business while you work less and less ... creating even more financial freedom for yourself and those important to you…. allowing you to spend your time however you want… whether it's creating other sources of income like your own line of fitness information products, starting others businesses like many ambitious entrepreneurs do, spending more time with friends and loved ones… or just hanging out taking it easy like I've been known to do from time to time.

I dialed in my local fitness training business so it runs 100% WITHOUT me, freeing me up to create a successful information marketing business and what is currently 27 different streams of income… there's NO WAY I could've done all this if I was stuck in the trenches of my training business day in and day out… it simply just would not have been possible.

Having the right systems is key to not only growing your business, but also avoiding burnout and allowing you to make more money while spending more time on the things in life that are important to you.

So How Exactly Can You Put All These Systems to Work For You In YOUR Business?

It’s simple…

I’ve created a Private Mentorship Program for Fitness Entrepreneurs like yourself who could use my PERSONAL help taking their business to where they want and deserve it to be

Whether it's fitness training, boot camp, growing a studio, building a tribe with a blog or getting into the highly profitable world of fitness information marketing or fitness affiliate marketing... I'll work side by side with you to dial in everything.

 - In this Private Mentorship Program I'll work with personally via telephone... and even in person if you can make it out to the Southern California area... I'll help you set up all the lead generation, conversions and profit maximization systems to propel your business to the multiple six-figure level.

One of the first things we’re gonna do together to get your business headed as quickly as possible in the right direction is jump on the phone and come up with your “Personal Fitness Empire Creation Strategy” for getting from where you are now to where you wanna be.

You’re gonna walk away from that call with clear cut steps to do immediately… so we can start growing your business without hesitation.

And we’ll jump back on the phone whenever you need to get your questions answered, your strategy dialed in, or the next phase of action steps set in place.

You’re also gonna get…

-Private email access to me – After your first call you’re probably gonna have a few questions or hurdles pop-up, that’s just how the road to success is.

Well, I’m here to answer those questions for you in a quick, simple and easy to understand and implemented manner. I’ll have your back and be your ace in the hole any time you need me.

- I'm gonna give you ALL of my business building info-products for trainers... Now... you don't actually need to go through all of them, and the LAST THING I wanna do is overload you with information... but they're sure nice to have on hand for quick reference... in fact, you're gonna find these tools indispensable when it comes to building your fitness empire... it's the ultimate stockpile of tools and solutions for reaching your goals... these programs range in price from $47 all the way up to $2000.00 ... I have well over a dozen of them, and I'm gonna give you all of them as my way of saying "welcome aboard" ( The total value of these programs is alone worth more than the investment of the mentorship program).

- PLUS I'm gonna give you any new info-products I come out with in the next year... no matter how expensive they are - As you've might've noticed, I come out with new products all the time... well check this out... for the next year, right when I come out with new products that can help you make more money and work less hours, you can have them for free... ALL of them.

Ya know...

I'm a HUGE believer in building a business ( or businesses plural ) that work FOR you, run on autopilot, help tons of other people get what THEY want in life, fulfills your purpose and gives you the lifestyle you really want... a business built around your ideal lifestyle, NOT having a lifestyle built around your business... or worse... your job... and living in the table scraps of life... like 99% of the people do.

My life and businesses today are living proof that one can live the dream, make a ton of money, help a ton of people and have as much freedom as you want... I'm not saying this stuff to brag, so please don't think that, I'm telling you to let you know what's possible once you take the right actions in the right direction, under the right guidance.

Just like how YOU take people who are outta shape, and once they join your program you take them under your wing... and then if they do what you tell them to do, show up for the workouts, follow your instructions and eat the right foods and so on... they end up experiencing a night and day transformation and living an entirely new life.

It's the same situation.

You can own the type of business most people cannot even fathom exists, a freedom business, where it works FOR YOU and around YOUR LIFESTYLE … instead of being a slave to some gym job you cant stand… or having a training business where you work long hard hours with clients yet make half .. or just a third...  a fourth... or even a tenth what you’re worth…

You CAN actually work where you want, when you want, how you want doin’ what you want… and have a good time doin' it... IF you want it bad enough, are willing to do what it takes to get there and are an overall good and cool person… then there’s no doubt that you can now go kick some major ass like never before.

Now, I need to remind you...

This program is NOT for everyone, in fact... if you’re negative, aren’t an action taker, aren't willing to add massive value to the human race, aren't good at getting people into shape or aren’t serious about taking things to the next level … I simply won't be able to work with you.

It’s nothing personal, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I refuse to work with anyone who isn’t a good-hearted, action-taking straight-shooter with values similar to mine… life is just too damn short to work with people who don't take responsibility for their own success.

And like I said, if you aren't good at getting people into shape, get that part of your life handled before even worrying about all this crazy marketing and business building stuff.

I'll ONLY work with clients who are cool and I believe I can be of considerable value to, based on their individual needs and my areas of expertise.

HOWEVER, if you ARE good at getting people into shape and YOU ARE SERIOUS about taking your life and business to the level and you’re a down-to-earth cool person... then this is the absolute best opportunity available to you ANYWHERE to really buckle down and finally build the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of owning…

One that not only gives you total financial freedom but also gives you the kind of lifestyle that very few people in this world ever actually attain… however this kind of lifestyle IS possible with the help of someone who’s done it and know what it takes to make it happen.

So if you want me to help you then here's your chance ...but don't make the mistake most people make...

You see, most trainers make the mistake of waiting for everything to be perfect and try to figure it all out before taking the bull by the horns and moving forward in life – Now while this may seem like the intuitive and safe thing to do, it just doesn't work that way… cuz guess what?

You'll NEVER have it all figured out anyway... and the ducks will NEVER all be in a row… that's not how life or success works…

Success Happens The Moment We Make The DECISION to Succeed and Say "Screw It… Things Will NEVER Be Perfect, I'm Gonna Take Life By The Balls And Do This Now"…

You either DECIDE in the moment to succeed and move forward OR treat your business as if it's a slow suicide and get one step closer to failure everyday…

It all comes down to a decision to move forward...

… Life NEVER stands still, you either move towards success or you move towards failure… but either way you're in constant motion… goin' backwards towards a failed business…. one day at time, one lost client at time, one more excuse at a time… or moving FORWARD FAST towards a THRIVING business… one new system at a time, one client-getting strategy at a time, one day closer to you owning a dream business at a time.

The choice is yours… You can be like 99% of the industry… which at best means settling for less than your worth… and that's at BEST.

Remember, every single day damn good trainers are goin' outta business and getting regular ol' day jobs, just to pay the bills… when if they'd have just made the decision to do something about their situation, and learn exactly what needs to be done to build a successful fitness training business, stop settling for mediocrity and do something about it now, they could earn a respectable mid to high six-figure income, help a ton of people, and build the kind of the business one can be proud of.

But instead they do nothing, live in a state of reaction and let the world take them where it may.

Well I'm here to tell you...

You CAN be in the 1%, who choose to rise above and not be part of the status quo…

To not settle for mediocrity, refusing to be a close minded "know-it-all" who allows deadly self-limitations hold them back in life and are instead willing to take life by the balls, invest in themselves and live the kind of life very few people even think is possible.

If you choose to be in the 1% who pretty much make more than most of the other 99% put together… and go against the standards, creating envy and jealousy amongst smaller minded fitness professionals, even if it means making a few enemies along the way… and trust me, no matter how good of a person you are, the more you succeed the more enemies you'll make… enemies who out of sheer jealousy despise you yet wish they could BE you… then you're willing to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls I mentioned above, and live in the solution instead of being part of the problem.

Like I said, because of not taking the right actions, highly skilled fitness professionals are goin' outta business faster than ever these days…

But a Small Percent of the Industry are Actually Having Their BEST Years Ever… Regardless of the Economy… or the Downfall that the Rest of the Industry is Causing Themselves on a Daily Basis

And the difference isn't intelligence or training ability.

It's simply taking the right actions and having the proper lead generation, client conversion and profit maximization systems in place.

If what I'm saying rings true to you deep inside, then I'm willing to work with you to help you dramatically grow your business as quickly as possible.

You'll have access to me via phone and email, and I'll walk you step-by-step through EXACTLY what you need to do to make more money in your business, even while you work less hours.

So, if you want me to help take your business to the six or multiple six-figure level... (or even seven-figure level for the real go-getters) ... like I've done with fitness pros all over the world time and time again...

And you're a cool, action-taking person who actually cares about helping people, then here's your chance to work with me personally in my Private Mentorship Program.

Here are the conditions you MUST meet in order to be considered for this program...

* You are 100% ready to do whatever it takes to drive your business to the next level of success

* If I ask you to go read a book or listen to an audio program, you'll do it

* You or your business are not involved in any unethical practices

* You can afford the cost of the program ($ 4,997- which comes to just $13.69 a day... or 3 Installments Spread 30 Days Apart of Just $1997 Each ... this program can actually pay for itself between 25 to 100 times over within the year ALONE)

* Please understand I have a life and don't want to get calls day and night and be stalked. Basically you email me your questions and you can email me to request phone calls which we will set up in advance. I'll give you as many calls and emails as you need, just try to be thoughtful with your questions so you don't end up emailing me thirty times a day... cool?

* You MUST, MUST, MUST implement the simple stuff I help you with. I absolutely refuse to be the cause of your failure. I'm here to teach you. It's up to YOU whether or not you succeed and to make the absolute best use possible of this investment in yourself and your business. I only work with pro-active people PERIOD.

Also, you should know there will be absolutely NO refunds with this program... offering refunds in a mentorship program like this is a MASSIVE mistake as it gives people an "easy-out" from success... and excuse to not do what needs to be done... I'm gonna absolutely do my part... but I need you to do YOUR part as well.

And I'm only willing to work with doers and people who will commit 100% to making their business succeed.

Remember, you'll be working exclusively with me and me alone... that's it. This mentoring program is not done through some third party.

You're gonna have the ultimate "unfair advantage" over almost every single other fitness professional in the industry.

However.. please remember before deciding to move forward and create your dream business...  My time is extremely limited, and I ask you to only join the program if you're 100% committed to put into action what I teach you.

The investment for the program is $4,997 paid in full in advance (that comes to $13.69 a day) ... or 3 Installments Spread 30 Days Apart of Just $1997 Each

After you pay, my assistant will send you some paperwork to fill out, and we will get started ASAP on taking your business to exactly where you want it to be..

Make Your One-Time Investment of Just $4,997 by clicking this large orange button...


Or if you choose the Installment Plan ... It's 3 Installments Spread 30 Days Apart of Just  $1,997 Each... and just click this big orange button instead...


If this program feels right to you, and you’re a good fit for it, then I look I forward to helping you take your business to exactly where you want it be.

Talk Soon,

Big Chris McCombs

P.S. And remember, please only apply if you’re a doer. And if you are a doer, get ready to start making some serious money.

Make Your One-Time Investment of Just $4,997 by clicking this large orange button…


Or if you choose the Installment Plan … It’s 3 Installments Spread 30 Days Apart of Just $1997 Each… and just click this big orange button instead…


If you have any questions please send them to